Assault Bike: The Best Conditioning Tool for Coaches?

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James Breese

Everyday Athlete. Founder of @strengthmatters. Love snowboarding, cricket, Manchester United, the mountains, coffee and trail running.

Are you ready to dive into the world of fitness conditioning and explore one of the most effective tools in a coach’s arsenal? In this episode of Strength Matters Media, join James Breese and Josh Kennedy as they dissect the Assault Bike’s potential as a top conditioning tool.

Whether you’re a coach, athlete, or fitness enthusiast, you’ll gain valuable insights into how this simple yet powerful equipment can revolutionize your training routine. Press play now and unlock the secrets of the Assault Bike!

The Assault Bike’s rise in popularity is a game-changer for fitness training.

James Breese

Timeline Summary:
00:30Assault Bike Rising Popularity 01:09Ease of Use & Accessibility 03:46Strength Endurance Benefits 05:00Program Design & Development 07:1610-Minute Assault Bike Test
Key Takeaways:
  • Increased Accessibility: The Assault Bike is becoming more widely available, making it a practical choice for various fitness settings.
  • User-Friendly for All Levels: Its simple mechanics make it suitable for beginners and those with lower back issues, unlike more technique-dependent equipment like rowers.
  • Versatility in Training: The Assault Bike is effective for both high-intensity workouts and longer, more aerobic sessions.
  • Strength and Endurance: Regular use of the Assault Bike leads to significant improvements in leg strength and endurance.
  • Ideal for Indoor Training: Particularly useful for those in environments not conducive to outdoor training.
  • Program Integration: It’s essential for coaches to understand how to incorporate the Assault Bike effectively into fitness programs.
  • Assessment Tool: The 10-minute Assault Bike test is a critical metric for setting personalized training goals.
Websites and Links Mentioned:

It’s the big machine of death for those in the know – a powerhouse in workouts.

Josh Kennedy

With the Assault Bike, there’s no technique required – just ride and benefit.

James Breese

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