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_Rob_Richardson Reviews Strength Matters

"What I love most about Strength Matters is their attention to your overall health, and not just your aesthetic appearance."

— Rob Richardson — Actor | Singer | Husband | Father

Geni Ligday

Ultra Runner

For me, the daily encouragment, genuine support and brilliant programming is beyond measure. It has fixed me, it has given my daily life back to me. It has made me better at everything, not just moving. Forever grateful!

Terry Moore

Busy Executive

Teaming up with Strength Matters is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I feel as if I have a my coach standing beside me. For the first time, I am learning how to build and maintain a foundation that will support me for my lifetime.

Robert Syfert

Business Owner

Absolutely great team of caring people, here to push you to make the needed habit changes in life for your health and wizard like programming. I can feel my body changing each week in so many great ways. Thank you again for all you do!

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