Lose Weight. Get Stronger. Live Better.

Strength Matters helps people over thirty lose weight, get stronger, and live better.

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everyday athlete

/ˈɛvrɪdeɪ,ɛvrɪˈdeɪ /ˈaθliːt/

A person who prioritizes a healthy and physically active lifestyle in order to live life to the fullest.

Who's Strength Matters for?

We’re not for everyone, but we work best with the following groups of people.

Busy Professionals

…love us because we work on their schedule, wherever they travel.

Business Owners

…love us because we keep their bodies fit, and their minds sharp.

Fitness Professionals

…love us because they can outsource their training to someone they can trust.

Here’s what we do.

We coach people online who need help with an individualized health and fitness solution.

Personal Training

It's not 1999. Stop training like it is.

Strength Matters

Take back control with individualized coaching 24/7.

What's new on the blog.

Strength Matters Ten Components of Complete Athleticism

What is Athleticism? | The Ten Components of Athleticism [2021 Edition]

Discover the ten components of complete athleticism and the Strength Matters Hierarchy of Athletic Development.

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[Training Plan] How To Get A Faster 500m Row Time

Would you like to take five to 20 seconds off your 500m time in five to six weeks? Each rowing session only lasts ten to 18 minutes. Read On!

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What's new on the podcast.

How to Cycle Faster, and Stronger Than Ever Before

If you feel like you are just barely hanging on when riding for fun, maybe it’s time to make a few adjustments while training on your own so you can get that performance improvement you want.

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Don’t Fear Assessments, Embrace Them!

This episode explores the reason why improving your health, strength and fitness comes down to doing regular assessments and unfortunately there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ in fitness and health.

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Life’s better as an everyday athlete.

The Strength Matters Training System isn’t easy, but it’s guaranteed to work if you follow it. Are you ready to take the first step?

Save 50% on your first month. Full 30-day money-back guarantee.

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