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Strength Matters is a system of training and education for fit pros and experienced enthusiasts who want to optimize performance and enhance their health span.

_Rob_Richardson Reviews Strength Matters

"What I love most about Strength Matters is that their training system focuses on health and longevity, just as much as performance. It's game changing!"

— Rob Richardson — Actor and Personal Trainer

Get Certified As A Hybrid Coaching Professional

With the Hybrid Coaching Program, experienced coaches can leverage the systems, tools, and resources, and have a reliable training system that seamlessly integrates both in-person and online training and provides a clear roadmap to build a successful hybrid coaching business—EVERYTHING you need to know to become a true master of hybrid coaching.​

Other Leading Fitness Professionals Love The Strength Matters Training System, Here's Why...

Saski Ford

Personal Trainer

Complete professionalism, alongside an amazing ethos, one that lines up with my own views of the industry, amazing support system and a family vibe. If you happen to stumble upon this company you need to take action because it's not like anything else out there. I just LOVE it and the people that make it happen!

John Withinshaw

Gym Owner

A fresh and effective way of thinking about health and fitness. Not your run-of-the-mill, generic fitness system. A real, well thought out plan of everyday people and what they really need. This is the first time I've really felt part of a fitness tribe. Great insights into real-world health issues, probable cause,s and intuitive solutions.

Lydia Woodland

Health Professional

As an independent fitness professional, I've gained immeasurable value through being part of the friendly and supportive SM community. I can't even quantify the golden nuggets I've gained from thought-leading experts who I otherwise wouldn't have had access. Strength Matters remains a breath of fresh air in an industry that can be otherwise tainted by ego and dogma.

James Breese

Does This Sound Familiar?

Don’t worry, that was me too! That’s why I created the Strength Matters training system. A complete training system for fitness professionals that will help you create world-class training programs in record time. Taking my 15+ years experience working in fitness, this a tried and true system that’s been rigorously tested with thousands of clients. It will take you from programming novice to programming wizard—If you just follow the system. And, I’m giving it to you for FREE today…

Strength Matters System of Athletic Development

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A Powerful Training System for Fitness Professionals Who Want to Write World-Class Training Programs in Record Time...

Strength Matters System of Athletic Development

Discover the cutting-edge tips, tricks and strategies to help you maximize your client’s performance, and get them stronger and fitter than ever with the Strength Matters Training System. Now available… FOR FREE!

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