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Strength Matters.

Strength Matters is the world’s leading expert in helping people over thirty lose weight, get stronger and live better. It’s home to a wonderful global community of everyday athletes who lift each other up and strive to live a fulfilling and athletic lifestyle.

Our system of training is specifically designed for the aging athlete in mind; it is powerful, unique, flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any everyday athlete. Even yours.

Our Mission:

To help people over thirty lose weight, get stronger and live better.


At Strength Matters, we believe there is a better way for people over thirty to do health and fitness – a more intelligent, more sustainable, long-term approach that allows us to live life to the fullest means, well into our senior years.

We’re obsessively passionate about fitness, and our mission is to help people over thirty achieve their maximum athletic potential without sacrificing their health.

We specialize in helping people over thirty live a fulfilling and athletic lifestyle. We believe that health and fitness for these everyday athletes is one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of the fitness industry.

We see that as an opportunity, and our gift to you.

We’re excited to share our passion and simplify fitness for everyone over thirty through our education, resources, and community.


Our Values:



A value-based, purpose-driven culture is the foundation of everything we do at Strength Matters. And it starts with humility.

We believe in a culture of asking and re-asking questions to achieve clarity of the task at hand. Humility allows us to ask this simple question again and again: How can we do this better?

Our goal is for everything that we create and cultivate—our magazine, digital media, training programs, workshops, working culture, and relationships—to live up to the tenets of our core values. We acknowledge that we are entirely responsible for our own reputation, the level of success we achieve, the brand image we create, and the contributions we make to the fitness industry.

Our Story:

It started in 2010, with an idea.


Strength Matters, previously known as Kettlebell Fever, started in 2010. We morphed into Strength Matters in 2015, and we’ve been on an epic journey ever since.

From our beginnings as a fitness equipment manufacturing company to launching our print magazine, we’ve tried to stay true to our core values—humility, excellence, respect—and to deliver an exceptional experience for our community.

We owe huge thanks to our community for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

November 2010

Kettlebell Fever Founded

What started out as James’ in-home personal training service quickly morphed into Kettlebell Fever, the UK’s leading distributor of cast iron kettlebells, books and DVD’s. 

November 2010

September 2011

Live Events and Certifications

As Kettlebell Fever grew, so did the demand for education and training. In 2011 we launched our first live workshops and certifications for personal trainers.

September 2011

October 2012

Strength Matters Podcast

After the successful launch of a t-shirt with the name “Strength Matters”, the Strength Matters Podcast was born and quickly become a #1 rated podcast on Apple.

October 2012

January 2013

Strength Matters Magazine

In 2013 we decided to launch a monthly printed newsletter. Such was the success that in September 2013 we launched it as a monthly print magazine.

January 2013

October, 2014

Strength Matters Ltd.

Strength Matters was taking over the world. So much so that we decided to close Kettlebell Fever and focus on our live events, printed media and education services.

October, 2014

July, 2016

Online Coaching

Always with an eye on the future and with the advent of modern technology, Strength Matters entered the world of online personal training.

July, 2016

December, 2016

The Hierarchy of Athletic Development

Our vision of balanced fitness and athleticism began to take shape, and the Hierarchy of Athletic Development was born.

December, 2016

April, 2020

The Model of Fitness and Scoring System

As our experience with online training developed, so did the need for a way to communicate results clearly and effectively with clients. Thus the Strength Matters Model of Fitness and Scoring System was born. 

April, 2020

July, 2020

Fit Over Thirty

Strength Matters was evolving. As were our members. To better serve our community we re-branded the podcast and magazine as Fit Over Thirty. 

July, 2020

Meet The Team:

Giving amazing talent a place to create amazing work.

Everyone at Strength Matters is here for a reason. They are humble, seek adventure and focus on creating exceptional work.

The only way to achieve great things each and every day is with great people. And we make it our mission to only hire the best. Every member of our team have these things in common: We live and breathe what we do, we’re enthusiastic about our jobs and we take pride in producing the best work possible.

I'm the Founder.

James Breese

James Breese is an author, speaker, podcaster, and vlogger. Born and raised on a farm in mid-wales, he’s always had a passion for team sports and speaking foreign languages. Since forming Strength Matters in 2015, he’s been on a mission to help everyday athletes over thirty lose weight, get stronger, and live better. When he’s not on an airplane or speaking on stage, you’ll find James in the mountains of Wales or Austria, living the everyday athlete lifestyle.

I'm the Head Coach.

Josh Kennedy

Josh is a former actor, host of The Fit Over Thirty Podcast, highly experienced Bootcamp Instructor, kettlebell coach, and all-round media monkey. He strongly believes in helping others change their lives for the better and strives to educate and expand our growing community. He has a passion for all things Everton football club, tea, and is a firm believer that bacon makes everything better.

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