The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2024

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Fitness Trends

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Sofia Pablo

We’re dissecting the biggest fitness trends of 2024, straight from a Men’s Journal article. Join us as we debate, discuss, and delve into what’s hot and happening in the fitness world.

From the resurgence of steady state cardio to the exciting integration of AI in workouts, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike. Tune in and transform your fitness journey!

You don’t need expensive equipment to start fitness.

Josh Kennedy

Timeline Summary:
00:05Steady State Cardio Returns 01:25Strength Meets Flexibility: Pilates and Yoga 03:15Rucking and Hiking: Outdoor Pursuits Flourish 05:02Brain Training’s Rising Importance 06:51Workouts Turn to Virtual Gaming
Key Takeaways:
  • Steady State Cardio’s Comeback: We explore its consistent relevance and recent influencer-driven popularity.
  • Pilates and Yoga’s Expansion: Discussing how digital accessibility is driving their growth, especially among men.
  • Outdoor Pursuits: Emphasizing the mental and physical benefits of rooking, hiking, and embracing nature.
  • Brain Training’s Emergence: Addressing cognitive health in fitness and the need for more research.
  • Virtual Reality in Fitness: Analyzing the impact of gamification and technology on exercise motivation.
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There’s nothing new in fitness, just repopularized trends.

James Breese

Recovery is crucial, but don’t forget to push yourself.

James Breese

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