Why Perfect Movement Does Not Exist With Perry Nickelston

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What is adaptive movement and why do you need to know? How can learning about adaptive movement help you increase your own strength and fitness? In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Perry Nickelston, author of Stop Chasing Pain about the adaptive movement philosophy, how play factors into adaptive movement, and what fundamental breathing has to do with it. Listen in to hear more about Dr. Nickelston and adaptive movement.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Adaptive movement
  • Where Perry started developing his adaptive movement philosophy
  • The importance of play
  • Building the immune system
  • Adaptive eating
  • How Perry introduces adaptive movement to his clients
  • Preventing burnout
  • Building up to bigger goals
  • Fundamental breathing and how it relates to adaptive movement
  • Changing invisible behaviors
  • Perry’s upcoming talk in Germany

Quotes From the Show:

“I don’t really look at perfect movement, because I don’t think it exists.” –Dr. Perry Nickelston

“I think that we overcomplicate everything in life as human beings because we think too much.” –Dr. Perry Nickelston

“The better you get at something, the more bored your body, your brain gets.” –Dr. Perry Nickelston

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