SEO Services for Gyms, Studios and Healthcare Practices.

If you want to grow your business, it’s important that you appear on the first page of Google. We’re experts at search engine optimization and helping you rank higher.

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At Strength Matters, our zeal for SEO is unmatched. We’re not just providers; we’re connoisseurs of specialized SEO services, meticulously crafted for the health and fitness industry.

Our approach? A blend of art and science, delivering strategies that are as bespoke as your business needs. We don’t just enhance your online presence; we refine it, sharpen it, and perfect it.

Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to help you rank higher, boost your organic traffic, and grow your business. This is SEO with a touch of class – where precision, creativity, and results reign supreme.

SEO Services for Health and Fitness Businesses

The Art of Search Engine Optimization

We’ve refined SEO into an art and science over 15 years and sixty-five million visitors. Our unique method captivates search engines, offering enduring strategies that withstand algorithm shifts.

SEO Research & Competitive Analysis:

We begin by understanding your business, competitors, and goals, ensuring alignment from the start. Access to your website and analytics tools is key; if you don’t have these, we’ll set them up.

Our process involves establishing a performance baseline and examining your current SEO, identifying quick wins for your campaign. We then conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors’ strategies and weaknesses.

This leads to targeted keyword research, focusing on relevant terms with manageable competition. The result? A tailored SEO roadmap designed to elevate your brand in the digital arena.

SEO Roadmap

Consider your SEO roadmap a meticulously crafted journey to web domination, typically unfolding over 9 to 12 months, directly aligned with your ambitions.

This roadmap, uniquely tailored for your business, eschews the commonplace. Drawing from our initial deep-dive, each element is deliberately chosen for its potential to grow your brand.

Expect transformative steps: from website redesign and content innovation to building domain authority and technical SEO enhancements.

We conclude with a collaborative review of this roadmap, ensuring our bold strategy is in perfect harmony with your vision for success.

Review & Approval

A common grievance we’ve heard is the shadow of uncertainty clients felt with past marketing agencies, especially regarding SEO. Our solution? Utter transparency and shared vision, thanks to the roadmap.

The roadmap isn’t just a plan; it’s a pact. Before we embark on implementation, we ensure mutual agreement on every detail of the strategy. This alignment is crucial for success.

As we progress, the roadmap serves as our monthly checkpoint, a tangible measure of our commitment and progress. Each task, once completed, is marked off, illustrating our journey towards your SEO goals.

Only with your endorsement of this roadmap do we step into the realm of SEO Implementation, ensuring every move is made with your confidence and consent.

SEO Implementation

This is where you take a well-deserved break. Your part is perfectly played; now it’s our turn to orchestrate the SEO symphony.

We take the roadmap, your guide to digital domination, and pass it to our skilled implementers. They’re the maestros turning plans into action.

Curious about the specifics? Our implementation is a blend of art and technical mastery. Here’s a glimpse of the magic:

  • Enhancing page speed for seamless user experience.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge formats to optimize images.
  • Strategically adding ALT text to bring life to images.
  • Crafting internal links that weave your site into a cohesive web.
  • Refining titles and meta descriptions for maximum impact.
  • Fine-tuning heading tags for clarity and focus.
  • Implementing Schema Markup to stand out in search results.
  • Enriching pages with additional, engaging content.
  • Producing captivating blog entries.
  • Building a foundation of trust and authority in your domain.

Each step is meticulously executed, ensuring your journey in SEO is not just a path, but a grand voyage to the pinnacle of digital success.

Reporting & Optimization

Every month’s end, expect more than just a report; expect a narrative of progress. Following our scheduled call, you’ll receive a detailed email outlining all completed tasks, as per your roadmap, and a performance report that speaks volumes.

In the world of SEO, monthly reports are not mere documents; they’re insights into the dance of algorithms and content. Given the dynamic nature of search rankings, we find that a month-over-month analysis paints the most accurate picture of your SEO journey.

But this report isn’t just for you. It’s a vital tool for us, too. It allows us to fine-tune our strategy, adapting in real time to the ever-changing landscape of SEO. This isn’t just reporting; it’s a strategic pivot, ensuring continuous improvement and success.

We Help You Rank Higher

96.55% of content online gets no traffic from Google. We’ll help you be in the other 3.45%. Guaranteed.

of all online purchasing decisions start with a search engine.
of all website traffic comes from organic search.
of all traffic comes from Google, Google Images, and Google Maps

Creating a New Standard for Health and Fitness SEO

In a market cluttered with noise, our SEO services cut through the din, bringing clarity and precision to your health and fitness brand.

We don’t just chase algorithms; we craft a narrative that search engines – and more importantly, people – will notice. Our approach is not about mere visibility; it’s about meaningful presence.

This is SEO reimagined, where your brand’s message becomes as fit and focused as the clients you serve. Expect more than traffic; anticipate a conversation with the market you wish to lead and inspire.

SEO Services for Health and Fitness


Health and Fitness Businesses Hire Us Because of the Results We Deliver

jorgen brolin

Jörgen Brolin

Health Professional

Best Decision Ever

Choosing to become a client was a ‘no-brainer’ for me. Working with Strength Matters changed the game for my business, helping me refocus on the fundamentals and achieve my goals with unwavering support and guidance.

John Withinshaw

John Withinshaw

Gym Owner

Fresh and Effective…

It transformed my perspective on marketing. I feel part of a supportive fitness business tribe focused on solving real-world fitness marketing solutions, and becoming my best self as business owner.

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