Let’s Find out How We Can Help You…

Let’s Find out How We Can Help You…

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Our Mission: To help people over thirty lose weight, get stronger, and live better.

Our Mission: To help people over thirty lose weight, get stronger, and live

At Strength Matters, we believe there is a better way for people over thirty to do health and fitness – a more intelligent, more sustainable, long-term approach that allows us to live life to the fullest means, well into our senior years.

We’re obsessively passionate about fitness, and our mission is to help people over thirty achieve their maximum athletic potential without sacrificing their health.

We specialize in helping people over thirty live a fulfilling and athletic lifestyle. We believe that health and fitness for these everyday athletes is one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of the fitness industry.

We see that as an opportunity, and our gift to you. We’re excited to share our passion and simplify fitness for everyone over thirty through our education, resources, and community.

Life’s better as an everyday athlete. Welcome to Strength Matters.

James Breese
Strength Matters Founder
Everyday Athlete

James Breese

everyday athlete
/ˈɛvrɪdeɪ,ɛvrɪˈdeɪ /ˈaθliːt/


A person who prioritizes a healthy and physically active lifestyle in order to live life to the fullest.

Who Uses Strength Matters?

Busy professionals

…love us because we work on their schedule, wherever they travel.

Business owners

…love us because we keep their bodies fit, and their minds sharp.

Fitness professionals

…love us because they can outsource their training to someone they can trust.

Here’s what we do.

We coach people online who need help with an individualized health and fitness solution.

Old Way

Personal Training

It’s not 1999. Stop training like it is.

  • Fixed location
  • Inflexible scheduling
  • Limited choice of trainers
  • A finite number of training sessions
  • No visual tracking
  • Little accountability
  • Expensive

New Way

Strength Matters

Take back control with individualized coaching.

  • Train anywhere
  • Train anytime
  • Train anyplace
  • Unlimited training sessions
  • Visualized progress
  • A team of coaches
  • One great price

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Five quick questions so that we can share with you our best FREE resources for your needs.

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