What Is Online Personal Training?

This is your opportunity to train without limits and live your life to its absolute potential, at a fraction of the cost of regular personal training.

The Strength Matters Online Training Program is like no other. It’s training without boundaries, and it is with you 24/7 whether you are on the go, traveling or doing the 9-to-5. It doesn’t require a gym membership, it just requires your dedication and committing to change.

We will unlock your athletic potential and unleash the inner Everyday Athlete. It’s your body only stronger, more mobile, more flexible and more durable. It’s about making smarter everyday choices and improving your quality of life.

You’re In Good Company

What Are People Saying About Strength Matters?

Hear It From Real Everyday Athletes Like Yourself.

  • "The all-encompassing nature of the program and the progressive nature makes it truly unique. In addition, the use of apps is convenient and allows for detailed videos and tracking of all exercise routines. Expect to have fun, be challenged and learn. You will not find more top-notch industry experts than the team put together by Strength Matters".

    Danielle Wommack
    Danielle Wommack Fitness Professional
  • "I have to say how impressed I am with the Strength Matters Online Coaching Program. I've been working with it consistently and have to say my results have only ever got better. This program has the support, guidance, and community that most online programs lack. There is a sense that these guys care about what I'm doing! Thank you guys, one happy client".

    John Withinshaw
    John Withinshaw Fitness Professional

What Makes Us Different?

The reason the Strength Matters Online Personal Training Program is so successful is because we understand that everybody is unique. Life impacts us all in different ways, and our needs vary depending on which stage of life we are at. And that is OK.

Broken into three unique cycles, the system and plan evolves with you as your body changes. And it is all based on how you look, feel and progress through each stage.

The first step is the assessment. It’s important to know where we are before we can know where we are going. Your coach will evaluate your history, results, and objectives to create your personal roadmap.

Since needs, goals, and lives change, the daily conversation between you and your coach will play a vital role in your success. Because at the end of the day, it’s about performing at your peak while still living your life.

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life, For The Rest Of Your Life

Here’s What You Will Get

A Dedicated Personal Coach

We’ll start with you: your lifestyle, needs and goals. Then we’ll develop a personalized plan to help you sit less, move more and live better. All within the context of your real, everyday life.

Expert Guidance & Support

We’ll match you with a coach who will give you accountability, direction and support every step of the way. They’ll help you stay consistent, no matter what life throws at you.

100% Results Guaranteed - Or Triple Your Money Back!

We’ll coach you for 90 days. And just like the hundreds of people we’ve worked with, you’ll get results—or it’s triple your money back.

Get Control Of Your Health

No weird diets or time-consuming workouts. You have enough to worry about, and you’re already strapped for time. Let us sweat the details while you breathe easily and focus only on one step at a time.

Get The Body You've Always Wanted

Lose weight, build strength, have more energy. Whatever your goals, we’ll help you get there. By the end of 12 months you’ll be in better shape than you ever thought possible.

Get Our Lowest Price Ever.

Our mission is life-changing fitness solutions for everyone. For committed individuals willing to commit today, we’re significantly reducing our price to make it more affordable for people who want to be a part of the debut program.

All This And Exclusive Access To Our Revolutionary New Technology Systems That Allow Us To Work With You 24/7

For the first time ever we will be introducing new technology solutions to monitor and compare your daily activity. We will be able to adjust your workout programs and plans accordingly.

No matter what equipment you have, where you go or how often you travel, we will have a solution and be able to manage it with you through our exciting new partner technology solutions.

Access Our Health Tracking App

By allowing us to link up with all different types of wearable tech and letting us process that information with zero effort required by you, we can ensure that you hit your goals in a way that has NEVER been possible before in the fitness industry.

Your Own Personal Workout Portal

Easily log workouts, post questions, watch exercise demo videos, and track your own workout history over time. We will track all of your data so you can see the progress you’re making over time.

Instant Messaging With Your Coach

Get in touch with your coach in real time. No more fielding emails, text messages, Facebook messages, and messages anywhere else you may try to get a hold of your coach.

The Goal Is To Help You Exercise, Eat, Sleep And Live Better Irrespective of Life, Travel and Family Commitments

We will motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight—hold you accountable! In addition to your workouts, here are just some of things we hope to help you achieve over the first 21 days on the program.

Initial Consultation

You will have a one-hour face-to-face video consultation to discuss your past experiences, goals, strengths, and weaknesses to establish a baseline assessment for us to work with.

Individual Program Design

After a thorough assessment process, we will design and implement a personalized training program for you. This will be updated and monitored daily and goes beyond just “working out”.

Ongoing Assessments

The initial assessment is just the beginning. At regular intervals, we will be monitoring your progress and determining the outcomes accordingly.

Your Own Exclusive Personal Habit App

This is so much more than just working out. We’ll monitor your daily habits like steps to sleep to ensure you stay on track.

As a member of the Strength Matters online personal training program you’ll get exclusive access to our dedicated app that will record your activity and put you on the challenge leaderboard so that you can compete with your friends, family and the rest of the Strength Matters global community. It adds a little bit of extra fun and incentive we can assure you!



We thought you might. Here a few of the FAQs that we get on a regular basis.

What Is The Everyday Athlete Program?

The Everyday Athlete Program is a remote coaching program that we’ve delivered to 1000’s of real life, in person clients to, over the past decade. It’s our flagship, in-house program that is now delivered remotely.

After 10 years in the fitness industry, we’ve seen dozens of online personal training services come and go. That’s why we don’t follow fads. Instead, we’ve carved our own path, testing and continuously updating our own methods and technology and now, for the first time feel confident that we can deliver the same results, remotely, and dare we say it… better.
We specialize in taking complex fitness problems and goals for the everyday person, breaking them down into small manageable practices and habits that are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle.
This is about integrating health, fitness, and wellness into your daily life so that you can be ready for anything life throws at you.
Who Is The Everyday Athlete Coaching Program For?

The Everyday Athlete Coaching Program brought to you by Strength Matters is for men and women with busy lives who want personal accountability, a structured training program to follow, and a coach to help keep them consistent and on-track.

This is for all ages, all abilities, and all body types.
The main focus of the program is to strategically help you improve your everyday health and exercise habits—all within the context of your day-to-day life.
This is not about the latest or craziest exercise program to follow; instead, we want to help our clients build the habits they need to get long lasting results and live a healthy and fulfilling life.
Who Is The Everyday Athlete Coaching Program NOT For?

The Everyday Athlete Coaching Program is not for fitness models, professional bodybuilders, or high-level athletes training for a particular sport.

It’s also not for people who already have all the accountability and training advice they need and consider themselves to have no weaknesses.
If you rarely struggle with staying consistent with your training and exercise routine and consider yourself to be at the pinnacle of health & fitness, then we’re not a good choice for you.
Will The Everyday Athlete Coaching Program Work For Me?

If you follow our recommendations and stick with us for the full year then yes, you will get results. But you have to commit to making small strategic changes in your life and sticking to the program. It will take hard work, time, and determination. But we will be with you every step of the way.

Want to lose weight? Eat better? Get stronger? Get fitter? Have more energy? Feel less stressed? Get more sleep?
For 10 years we’ve helped thousands of people do all that and more. And we’re confident we can help you, too.
We’ll give you every advantage we know of. Over the course of 12 months, you’ll learn everything you need to look, feel, and perform at your best.
That’s our promise.
Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Lots Of Companies Guarantee Their Products. We Guarantee Our Services, Too.

Give Us Just 90 Days, We’ll Get Your Results, Guaranteed Or TRIPLE Your Money Back… You’ll Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life Or It’s Better Than Free.
— And If You’re Not Happy We’ll Give You Back Every Penny. What Do We Need From You? We Just Need You To Take The First Step.
And You Never Know, You Might Just Feature In Our Upcoming Book Too.
I’m A Beginner With A Lot Of Weight To Lose. Will This Work For Me?

Yes. We’ve worked with lots of people who are new to exercise and healthy eating and making great lifestyle choices.

Remember, we were all beginners at some point. And at strength matters, we do our best to make sure all beginners work at a pace that’s comfortable for them.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, are all ages, and come from all different backgrounds.

I’m NOT A Beginner. Will The Everyday Athlete Program Work For Me?

Lots of our clients have 5+ years of experience with consistent training and healthy eating. And they still get great results with us.

That’s because when working with a strength matters coach, the program will be tailored to their needs and goals—it’s not a “one size fits all” program. This is individualized and personalized.

Often times, people with a lot of experience enjoy handing the reins over to us for a while. We take care of their exercise programming so they can focus on improving other parts of their lives, and more often together we find.

We’ve even helped hundreds of personal trainers with their program design.

How Often Will I Need To Train & Workout?

Honestly, it depends.

Normally we recommend 2 -3 times per week, but it entirely depends on your goals, focus, family commitments, lifestyle and everything else in between that we need to talk about during your initial consultation.

Each person coming into this will have their own unique custom program designed for them to suit their lifestyle needs.


How Much Do I Need To Invest In This Program?

The price of a one-on-one, initial, in-person consultation with the strength matters team, is $250 USD for one hour.

For regular 2 x per week in person, one-on-one training, it costs $999 USD per month.

By confirming your place today, you’ll have the opportunity to get this whole program from as little $349 per month — a 57% savings. You will never get a better chance to work this closely with the strength matters team ever again.

You’ll get the very best personal fitness coaching — with daily practices, lessons, and workouts — and get exclusive access to the strength matters executive team when you need us most.

You’ll finally get the body and achieve the fitness goals you’ve always wanted, and you’ll have the skills, tools, and habits to make your results last a lifetime.

Why Should I Invest?

Great question. If you’re involved with strength matters then we’re confident you already know the quality you’ve come to expect from us.

This program that goes well beyond the conventions of exercise and workout plans. This is an entire paradigm shift to training that has a huge element of fitness lifestyle coaching.

Our expert team has over 40 years combined coaching experience and have worked with thousands of clients all over the world. Not to mention thousands of health & fitness professionals.

Results, our experience, and science prove that people who are financially invested in a health and fitness program are much more likely to stick to the routine and achieve their desired goals.

We want this to be a win-win partnership. Invest in our coaching systems and we will provide you with the most affordable training solution ever in return for your dedication and loyalty.

What have you got to lose? Remember, we offer a 100% triple your money back guarantee.

Are You Ready To Start Your Online Personal Training Journey?

This is your opportunity to work with the best coaches in the world, get into the best shape of your life, and stay that way for good. Take one small step today and join the Strength Matters Online Training Program.

Just register your interest and we’ll send you more information about the program. Then one of our expert team members will contact you directly. We look forward to seeing you on the inside!


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