The Importance of Non-Digital Learning

Reintroducing the Fit Over Thirty Magazine…

James and Josh spend a few minutes chatting about bringing the magazine back. The magazine has been renamed and it is more aligned to the Strength Matters company mission – “Helping people over thirty lose weight, get stronger and live better”.

The boys discuss some reasons why getting your hands on a Fit Over Thirty magazine subscription is essential for anyone over 30 looking to improve their health.

Discussion points:

  • Effect of Brexit Why the magazine went digital
  • Digital vs Physical magazine
  • Company message matured – magazine renamed
  • Magazine Design
  • How topics are chosen
  • January 2021 features – teaser
  • New: Featured Workout
  • Plans for YouTube Channel
  • Other plans for 2021
  • Magazine expansion in January – new Features
    • “Secrets to their success”
    • Nutrition
  • Update on Free Mugs for new subscribers
  • How to get three free copies of the magazine
  • Upcoming episode teaser


Strength Matters magazine

James Breese Instagram


“People who learn only online on digital formats, they can absorb twice as much information in a shorter space of time, however, they don’t retain that information long term.” – James Breese


“We’re not choosing topics that we think people will like, we’re actually choosing topics based on what we want to learn and improve on.” – James Breese


“Revisiting our fat loss systems and procedures …making sure I’m clear and able to explain exactly what we do and how we approach it.” – James Breese

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