Ep 20: The Benefits Of Stand Up Desks & Being More Productive With Joel Heath

Today, my guest is Joel Heath the founder and CEO of FluidStance the makers of eco-friendly balance boards to keep tech workers moving while standing in front of a desk or computer. For the last 20 years, Joel has led brand architecture, product development, and startup launches for companies that inspire and motivate in the outdoor industries. He is also the founder of the GoPro Mountain Games the largest outdoor event in the world,

In this episode, we talk about the design evolution, science, and research that went into create his products. We also talk about how the FluidStance decks can help people who use standing desks be more productive. We talk about Joel’s entrepreneurial success, and his life long goal of setting life in motion. We also talk about the GoPro Games, and Joels’ support for the charity First Descents which helps young adults with cancer enjoy adventure sports.

Today’s topics include:

  • How Joel and Josh both stand while recording podcasts.
  • Joel has spent his entire professional life trying to blur the line between work and play.
  • In boardrooms, he looks at people’s watches, socks, eyeglasses, etc. to see how much sense of play his colleagues have.
  • Joel was also the president of Teva and he was on a mission to help people live better stories and have the life they always wanted.
  • Having staff meetings on chairlifts allows for problems to be solved quickly because of the time thinking about the issues on the slopes.
  • Joel lost his mojo sitting in meetings and flights all the time. He decided that something had to change and made the move to a standing desk.
  • He still felt like the sedentary nature was just moved to his hips and legs.
  • There is a different between resting and sitting. Chairs were to rest.
  • Joel started looking for ways to create motion when working.
  • Joel’s goal of wanting to be able to ski when he is 70, so he could ski for free.
  • Surfing has been a great transitional sport for Joel.
  • Joel’s parent company Company of Motion is about looking at the small moments in life and taking them back physically and emotionally
  • The importance of balance and how our lifestyles are too sedentary.
  • The motion that the FluidStance deck allows. When people slow down a little bit they have fewer errors.
  • Besides functionality of movement the decks are designed to be beautiful.
  • The parts are also locally supplied near the warehouse reducing the carbon footprint.
  • The simplicity of the board does not diminish the science of the design.
  • How they went through 26 prototypes to get the right height and level of movement.
  • How sitting is awesome when you are athlete, but in the work world standing is the rest from all of the sitting.
  • Joel feels that anything that will get you moving is the right answer.
  • The 70-20-10 philosophy with 70% the same and 20% on the deck and 10% of real movement.
  • The science behind the deck and how it is NEAT certified. 10% of your day should be non-exercise activity.
  • Stimulating exercise after the first 15 minutes of a meal. Blood sugar spikes within the first 15 minutes after eating.
  • The performance similarities between performance of athletes and corporate performance.
  • The importance of the body and not separating the body and the mind in the corporate world. Movement gives people energy.
  • Movement, breath, and hydration are the three tenants of Joel’s philosophy.
  • Freestyle kayaking in a white water park in Vail, CO. Starting a kayaking camp for kids with cancer.
  • How the young adult phase of cancer is an underserved demographic. Joel’s organization First Descents. They treat cancer patients like they are not broken.
  • Joel created the GoPro Mountain Games based on his love of outdoor sports and the Olympics.

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“Life is always in motion, we have to be flexible.” Joel Heath

“A team that plays together tends to do a lot better together.” Joel Heath

“The body is meant to move, and we are creating technology that is taking us away from that.” Joel Heath

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