Ep 28: Unconventional Fitness With John Wolf

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John Wolf is an unconventional athlete who uses kettlebell, steel club, suspension training and other fun and unconventional training methods. He can deadlift more than 500 pounds. He is the Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit a supplement company and fitness academy that offers recipes, training, certifications, a podcast, and more. He is the founder of John Wolf Fitness.

We talk about John’s deadlift, and how martial arts were an essential part of his early training and part of his life. He also talks about working out with Pavel, kettlebell swings, using clubs, and unconventional workout techniques, and how the groundwork and the unconventional methods worked well together. He also talks about creating a defined tool kit for fitness training.

Today’s topics include:

  • John and his personal deadlift. He was built to deadlift, and he lifts over 500.
  • Martial arts is a comprehensive practice and influence and part of John’s life.
  • John talks about swinging kettlebells and unconventional training methods.
  • How Onnit sells clubs, kettlebells, maces and other unconventional tools.
  • John went from a fitness enthusiast to a fitness professional.
  • You don’t want to overtrain, but you want to over reach because the line moves.
  • John shares some of the bad decisions he made through partying and drugs.
  • He learned how to kick his drug addiction and really got into fitness.
  • How everyone lives through life through their own lens.
  • His friends and his wife also gave him a new perspective. This is also one of the powerful things about coaching and groups.
  • Having people in your world to create positive outcomes.
  • John loves the evolution of Strength Matters.
  • How people need inspiration and support to transform their life and fitness goals.
  • Longevity and being of service is part of John’s long term plan
  • Power and internal resistance.
  • How Onnit has become a lifestyle brand and offers educational content.
  • The founder of My Mad Methods, Mark started with the content of Onnit and recommended John for creating the educational offerings.
  • John worked remotely, and he is now in Austin.
  • He loves the integrated philosophy and using different tools to offer the educational offerings.
  • Foundations course and progressively moving towards more dangerous practices.
  • Durability is a restorative movement course.
  • Having unique presenters to challenge perspectives.
  • Work the skill and grease the groove for muscle gain. Low tension techniques.
  • Be conservative before you get aggressive.
  • Eat inline to optimize hormones for fat loss.
  • Low risk low intensity cardio is a great way to start the day.
  • Define your goals with a level of clarity.
  • Be flexible with your goals and timelines.
  • Have a support group of people that you can share your vision with.
  • John’s favorite tool is his body and exploring the ground.

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“With the system we teach, we value mobility, multiplayer movement skills, and enjoyable pain free ease of movement.” John Wolf

“The deadlift is my litmus test, and I don’t see a point in pulling more than 505.” John Wolf

“Martial arts are a foundational part of who I am as a person now.” John Wolf

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