5 Things We Learned About Health & Fitness for People 30+ in 2021

In this episode, we’ll review the most important lessons we learned in 2021.  We will be discussing the amazing health benefits we’ve both experienced by adding specific mushrooms and minerals to our daily diets, getting back to the basics in thermogenesis/fat loss workout programs, finding the right balance between rest and tempo in functional bodybuilding, improvements in online training and coaching using video, and the overall importance of your health for each and every step in training, weight loss, and recovering from illnesses like Covid.

Table of Contents

Discussion points:

  • James keeps his heating bill low by bundling up at home
  • James’ drone photography of the Pen y Fan summit
  • The First of 5 Things: shilajit and mushroom supplements from Cultivate Elevate have made huge improvements in ourselves and our family members
  • Second: Fat loss programs and workouts – keeping up your daily step count can make all the difference
  • Third: Functional bodybuilding– finding the right balance of reps vs. intensity depending on your age, fitness level, etc.
  • Fourth: Online personal training and coaching – communications with clients has greatly improved using video
  • Fifth: Overall health, gut health, anti-inflammatory foods to combat illness, keeping up your walks or light workouts during recovery
  • Josh’s family will soon include a new baby girl
  • Look for more videos from us next year
  • Stay tuned in 2022 for the unveiling of our new “Inner Circle” content! 


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“If you can get the WWS (Walk, Water, Sleep) into your life, and you add the shilajit and mushrooms, I think you’re in a better frame of mind to tackle the difficulty and complexity that is fitness and well-being” – James Breese


“For me, video definitely improved the way I interact with my clients.” – Josh Kennedy


“Our mantra has always been health comes first.” – James Breese


“The faster you heal your gut, the faster your route is, potentially, to getting better as well.” – James Breese


“Cause if you don’t learn from your mistakes, (which you always make a lot of, it’s okay to fail)  you’re never going to move forward.” – James Breese


“I’ll tell you another thing I’ve learned this year, we’re having a girl!” – Josh Kennedy

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