The 10 Minute Crawl Test Challenge

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10 Minute Crawl Test

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Hosted by
James Breese

Everyday Athlete. Founder of @strengthmatters. Love snowboarding, cricket, Manchester United, the mountains, coffee and trail running.

Are you ready to transform your running and overall fitness with a simple yet challenging test? Dive into this episode of our podcast where we explore the 10 Minute Crawl Test Challenge.

Discover why crawling isn’t just a military drill but a game-changer for runners and fitness enthusiasts. Join us as we delve into the nuances of crawling and how it can revolutionize your training.

Crawling covers all angles – left, right, forwards, back – challenging the brain and body in unison.

James Breese

Timeline Summary:
00:05Introduction to Crawling 01:00Film Reference & Crawling 02:00Crawling & Running Performance 03:0010 Minute Crawl Test Details 08:00Building Up to 10 Minutes
Key Takeaways:
  • Crawling as a Fun Exercise: Crawling can be a playful and engaging part of fitness routines.
  • Improving Running through Crawling: Demonstrates the impact of crawling on running efficiency and gait patterns.
  • 10 Minute Crawl Test: A comprehensive exercise that challenges coordination and mental resilience.
  • Building Crawling Endurance: Gradual progression strategies for achieving the 10-minute crawl.
  • Reflexive Core Strength Importance: Understanding how core strength powers overall physical performance.
  • Challenges in Crawling: The difficulty of maintaining proper form and coordination, especially when changing directions.
  • Breathing Technique: Emphasizing the importance of breathing through the movement.
Websites and Links Mentioned:

It’s great for reflexive core strength…everything you’re working here comes from the core.

James Breese

Crawling, particularly working with runners… it improves their gait pattern, it improves their ability to run.

James Breese

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