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Online Fitness Assessments

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James Breese

Everyday Athlete. Founder of @strengthmatters. Love snowboarding, cricket, Manchester United, the mountains, coffee and trail running.

In today’s episode, Strength Matters take you through their transformative journey of designing an effective blueprint for online fitness assessments. 

As the fitness landscape rapidly shifts toward digital, the challenges of adapting traditional in-person assessments into a virtual format become increasingly complex. Can the essence of a good fitness assessment be captured online? What are the key elements that make for a fail-proof, easy-to-follow online fitness assessment?

If you’re a fitness trainer who’s puzzled by the transition to online assessments, or perhaps you’re seeking a more efficient way to evaluate your clients remotely, this episode will provide actionable insights to overhaul your assessment process and make it as effective online as it is in person.

We need to create simple assessments where there’s minimal equipment, making it so idiot-proof that even my mum can do it.

Instilling autonomy from the start, our blueprint is about empowering clients to take responsibility for their own health and well-being, bridging the gap between online and in-person, so that training is just training, regardless of the medium.

James Breese
00:06Discussion: Challenges of Online Fitness Assessments 00:25Origin Story: James and Josh’s Initial Issues in Online Assessments 01:53“The Turning Point”: Shift to Self-Assessments 02:27Self-Assessment Blueprint: Simple, Effective, Minimal Equipment 03:20Science: Ensuring a Scientific Foundation for Assessments 04:47“The Final Blueprint”: Current Approach Combining Online and In-Person 05:25Video Importance: Josh on Visual Records for Accurate Assessment 06:14Dealing with Inaccuracies: Tackling Self-Reported Assessment Issues 07:17“The Hybrid Model”: James on Combining Online and In-Person Training 08:20Real-World Application: Fast Bowler Example
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· The Strength Matters Training System

· Get a FREE Website for Personal Trainers with Strength Matters

· Cricket Matters

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