What Is Strength Matters?

In Three Words: Real. Simple. Results.

The Strength Matters system of training is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that have helped thousands of everyday athletes and coaches achieve exactly what they want from their health and fitness goals. By mastering this simple way of operating, ambitious everyday athletes systematically and permanently improve their fitness goals while maximising overall health and longevity.

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Why Strength Matters Works

We don’t just treat symptoms. We help you solve every issue at its root cause.

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We help Everyday Athletes harness their full athletic potential. We also know that our members have lives outside the gym.

Whether it is indulging in our latest coffee obsession, tracking down the healthiest (and tastiest) places to eat, and drink or reviewing the latest fitness gadgets and workout gear, you can trust us to find the best of what is out there.

What Are People Saying About Strength Matters?

Hear it from real everyday athletes like yourself.

  • "The quality thought and attention to detail is second to none. The support and encouragement give you a little skip in your step, and the Nudge Coach app and Fitbot platform that are used make tracking and staying in touch so ridiculously easy it’s fail-proof".

    Saski Ford
    Saski Ford Everyday Athlete
  • "I have to say how impressed I am with the Strength Matters Online Coaching Program. I've been working with it consistently and have to say my results have only ever got better. This program has the support, guidance, and community that most online programs lack. There is a sense that these guys care about what I'm doing! Thank you guys, one happy client".

    John Withinshaw
    John Withinshaw Fitness Professional
  • "Often I buy or flick through fitness mags and get frustrated by the fluff, fillers and same stuff that's been done over a thousand times. Then Strength Matters showed up. Some of the best minds in fitness, all in one magazine... I never know where to start because EVERY page needs to be read. Great stuff!"

    Tania Rowan
    Tania Rowan Everyday Athlete
  • "The all-encompassing nature of the program and the progressive nature makes it truly unique. In addition, the use of apps is convenient and allows for detailed videos and tracking of all exercise routines. Expect to have fun, be challenged and learn. You will not find more top-notch industry experts than the team put together by Strength Matters".

    Danielle Wommack
    Danielle Wommack Fitness Professional

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