Why You Need to Stop Blaming Your Metabolism!

Today James and I are a bit lost for words after reading a new study on how metabolism changes over a person’s lifetime. This study basically showed that people’s metabolism does not change drastically (or at all) between the ages of 20 and 60. This goes against everything we thought we knew about training and eating for people over 30. If this study holds true, we cannot use “slowing metabolism” or “middle-age spread” as an excuse for weight gain in middle-age. The focus will need to shift to making more significant lifestyle changes in order to see a change in your body.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the answers to many of the questions that came up from us – partly because the full details of the study have not yet been released. However, getting in some experts to comment and shed some light on this for us in the coming weeks on the podcast is a top priority. Watch (listen to) this space!

Discussion points:


  • A new study about metabolism
  • Important to hear the thoughts of other experts
  • Metabolism as explained by the study
  • No more “Middle-age spread” blame
  • Lifestyle seems to be the main factor in weight gain when older
  • BMR does not change according to the study
  • Change in the use of calories?
  • Increased tissue remodeling
  • Comparisons to the system we use
  • James’ weight fluctuation mystery



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“What it looks like, is that if your metabolism doesn’t change, then it has to come down to lifestyle and total energy expenditure.” – Josh Kennedy


“What your body does with what you eat… that’s a key thing. – James Breese


“There are a lot of people who argue the ‘calories in calories out’ hypothesis is wrong, but it has been proven time and time again.” – James Breese

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