Why Strength Training Helps With Fat Loss

Many kinds of people, from athletes and celebrities to average people who just want to lose weight or get healthier, turn to personal trainers to help them achieve their goals. But how do personal trainers learn what they need to know to help their clients effectively? Who trains the trainers? Today’s guest is one person that personal trainers may go to for their own training.

Today’s guest is Nick Tumminello, whose nickname is “Trainer of Trainers”. Nick is a personal trainer himself and was voted NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year in 2016. Nick is also the owner of Performance University International, and an author of three books as well as numerous articles that appear in publications like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Muscle Mag, and GQ. Listen to today’s episode to hear what Nick has to say about his training ethos, whether men and women should work out differently, and how to build muscles without using weights.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How Nick got into the health and fitness industry
  • What it’s like to train both high-level clients and average fitness enthusiasts
  • Nick’s training ethos
  • Why strength training helps with fat loss
  • Examples of a metabolic workout
  • Nick’s current outlook on nutrition
  • Returning to training after an injury
  • Whether men and women should work out differently
  • How to build muscles without using weights
  • What makes a great training program
  • Common mistakes that trainers make
  • Nick’s new book, Your Workout Perfected
  • Advice for trainers who want to write or teach other trainers
  • Difficult moments that Nick has faced in his career
  • What’s coming up for Nick in the near future

Links and Resources:

Nick Tumminello

Your Workout Perfected


“I think a good trainer is adaptable in that way, and you make it about your client.”

“Here’s what program design is: it’s just creating a stimulus to get a certain adaption.”

“It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about putting out your own brand of wheels.”

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