Why Health Comes First When You’re Over Thirty.

What’s more important, weight or health? When phrased that way, it’s easy to agree that overall health matters more than attaining any particular weight. But it can be easy to become so focused on one aspect of health, like weight, that other important aspects are ignored.

In today’s episode, host Josh Kennedy and Founder and Head Coach at Strength Matters James Breese will discuss why they prioritize health above everything else. They’ll talk about how to assess health and why those assessments matter. Listen in to hear what they have to say about what happens when people focus only on fat loss, how you can get caught up in workouts and forget to focus on health, and what trainers can be doing to promote health.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How health can be forgotten when people focus only on fat loss
  • The importance of determining which exercises are best for your health
  • How you can get caught up in the workouts rather than focusing on health
  • Comparing data between performance and lifestyle clients
  • What trainers can do to promote health
  • How being overweight affects health
  • The waist to height ratio
  • The sit and rise test
  • Resting and active heart rates

Quotes From the Show:

“Before you even approach HIIT, you’ve gotta ask yourself, “is it the right thing for me to be doing?”” –Josh Kennedy

“Strength is important, strength does matter, but so does a strong healthy heart.” –James Breese

“What we’re finding is the people who are more active on their feet on a day to day basis have a much stronger cardiovascular system and a much lower heart rate.” –James Breese

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