Why Food Quality Matters in Fat Loss

James and Josh talk about food quality and how important it is in fat loss. They discuss a few of their own personal bad habits – things you may be able to identify with – and then ways to improve those so you can start improving your fat loss and general health right away. Much of their discussion was around making sure everyone learns the life skill of cooking healthy food for themselves.

We also get an update on James’ dad and his impressive progress with improving his health after a diabetes diagnosis a few months ago. This was all about his dad making the choice to look after himself.

Listen to this episode for these and other great insights from your Fit Over Thirty team.

Discussion points:

  • James’ dad – progress update
  • Processed food and their impact on weight
  • Food Quality and a successful diet
  • Not just about the calories
  • Getting around bad eating habits
  • Getting good quality food
  • Cooking as a necessary life skill
  • Maintenance Calories
  • The importance of digestion and gut health



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“It’s not just about calories in this sense, but also, it’s how the body processes the food that you take in.” – James Breese


“First and foremost it’s feeling full, satiety isn’t it? If you feel fuller – it’s a natural calorie inhibitor because you feel fuller so, therefore, you don’t want to eat, so you eat less.” – Josh Kennedy


“I eat really quickly – which again – is a bad skill to have. You need to chew your food and take time.” – James Breese


“The one thing I found really worked for me, was intermittent fasting because it just helped me control the calories I was eating.” – James Breese


“Eat meat less often, but when you do eat it, buy better quality.”- Josh Kennedy

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