What Everyday Athletes Should Know About Hip Mobility

Today we chat about James’ recent symptom of “strong arse glutes” – as he calls it… Or as it’s medically termed – a tight piriformis muscle.

Jokes aside, while this isn’t actually an injury as much as it is an “over-used, under-stretched” issue, it has actually caused James quite a bit of discomfort. It has reduced his hip mobility over the past couple of months and has resulted in other seemingly unrelated muscle stiffness in his back.

James goes into a bit of detail about their investigation and going through a process of elimination of what the issue could be. Once finding the problem, he explains, the hard work of solving it started. Listen to the episode to find out whether his treatments have been successful and where you can start if you suspect you have a similar problem. There’s also a surprise announcement at the end of the episode so don’t miss this one!

Discussion points:


  • James’ hip mystery solved
  • The piriformis
  • How the tight piriformis affected hip rotation
  • Different types of pain a tight piriformis muscle can cause
  • Active mobility to help keep tightness at bay
  • Strengthening new improved range of motion
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“If you can’t internally rotate, you can’t rotate in the transverse plane, aka, you don’t have power.” – Josh Kennedy


“The issue for me was literally the piriformis. It was so tight and wound up that it was pulling onto everything else and causing major issues. When we released that, we got an extra 30 degrees of internal hip rotation.” – James Breese


“If you’ve got lower back issues, it’s tight, it’s not always necessarily your back. Look at other areas in your body. – James Breese

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