We’re Back… | Fit Over Thirty Season 2.

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Welcome to Season Two of the Fit over 30 Podcast, formerly the Everyday Athlete Podcast. In this short introductory episode, regular host Josh Kennedy is joined by James Breese, Founder and Head Coach at Strength Matters.

Listen to the episode to hear the discussion on why the podcast’s name has changed, what that means for the focus of the show, and of Strength Matters, going forward, and what the hosts have been doing since the last episode.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Why the name changed from Everyday Athlete to Fit Over 30
  • Why James went back to coaching people
  • James’s backstory
  • What Fit over 30 is and isn’t about
  • What’s coming in the upcoming episodes

Links and Resources:

Strength Matters on Instagram

James on Instagram

Josh on Instagram

Quotes by James:

“I always had this idea for health and fitness in my mind. Strength Matters was born out of this idea and this philosophy.”

“My passion has been reignited for coaching and just learning.”

“Without a shadow of a doubt, your health comes first.”

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