The Ultimate Performance Program for Everyday Athletes Over Thirty Who Want to Build a Powerful Aerobic Engine and Forge a Heart of Elastic Steel

A FREE Live-Training Masterclass About The Ideas & Philosophies Of The Brand New Book - Maximum Aerobic Power Training

In This Week's Live Training, James Breese is going to take you behind the scenes of the brand new book by Strength Matters - Maximum Aerobic Power Training. He will share with you everything you need to know about creating amazing aerobic power training plans so that you lose weight, get stronger and live better. Learn the most successful fitness secrets for men and women aged 30+ adopted at Strength Matters so that you can apply them immediately for dramatic health & fitness success.

Thursday 31st Oct 2019


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James Breese

Founder Strength Matters
James Breese
Here's What You Will Learn On This FREE Live Training Masterclass:
The THREE Secrets You Need To Know To Improve Your Cardio System.
There are three secrets to improving your cardiovascular system: -

1. VO2 Max
2. Movement Economy
3. Anaerobic Threshold.

Discover which you two you NEED to be prioritising right now, and how one simple tweak to your training can increase your work rate ten-fold!
The Simple, Yet, Little Known Heart Rate Secret Nobody Tells You About...
Heart rate training can be so confusing. But it doesn't need to be...

Discover the simple method that James and the entire Strength Matters team use to get people to work out aerobically, that allows them to forge that heart of elastic steel.
**Bonus** Why Breathing Is The Most Forgotten Factor In Training For Cardio
Your cardiovascular system is powered by your aerobic system. Which is all about oxygen. But what if we told you, we could increase your oxygen intake by up to 30% with one simple hack?

That means, working out harder, and faster for longer!

You don't want to learn this amazing tip!

Best. Decision. Ever.

“I’m now on the Strength Maters Coaching Program and I cannot fault a thing. My programme is addressing my weaknesses and it’s delivered in a really pragmatic, viable way that I’m wholeheartedly enjoying. Strength Matters remains a breath of fresh air in an industry that can be otherwise tainted by ego and dogma”.

~ Lydia Woodland. Mother, Aged 30+.

A Fresh & Effective Way Of Thinking.

“I’ve never felt stronger, fitter, flexible and more rounded athletically. This is the longest I’ve ever stuck with anyone elses program and I have this immense sense to see how far I can go. Real results in the real world…..”.

~ John Withinshaw. Professional, Everyday Athlete, Aged 40+.
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