The Ultimate Guide To Cardio: What Everyone Aged 30+ Ought To Know About Cardiovascular  Training For Improved Athletic Performance & Living A Pain FREE Active Lifestyle
In This Week's Live Training, James Breese is going to share with you the new rules of fitness for life after 30. He will share with you everything you need to know about  creating an amazing cardio training plan so that you can reclaim your athletic body, live pain free and enjoying a lifestyle you never thought would be possible. Learn the most successful fitness secrets for men and women aged 30+ adopted at Strength Matters so that you can apply them immediately for dramatic fitness success.

Thursday 28th June


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James Breese

Founder Strength Matters
James Breese
Here's What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:
Cardiovascular Myth Busting 101: What Is Cardio?
Cardiovascular capacity is one of the ten components of complete athleticism for good reason. A stronger, more elastic heart improves the function of all other processes in the body.

Training to improve your cardiovascular capacity is not endurance training. These are two separate components. A very common training mistake made by people who love “cardio”, is they’ll jump straight into endurance training without establishing a strong cardiovascular base first. This leads to limited, slow progress. 

We'll first address WHAT is Cardio and quash some of the common myths about it so you know EXACTLY what Cardio Training should look like.
The Strength Matters Cardiovascular Assessments For Everyday Athletes
What is Enough Cardio Exercise? What are the standards for Rookie, Explorers and Pros to measure and determine performance for everyday athletes?

We'll share with you the Strength Matters cardio assessments for overal health & quality of life and find out how cardio fit you really are.

Then we'll share with you the five essentials components needed for effective cardiovascular performance - you'll be suprised at the first one!
Hey How To Create The Perfect Cardio Training Plan + Examples!
In the world of physical training, everything has a progression. We call them continuums and we have one for cardiovascular training. 

Provided that movement limitations are addressed first (layer one) and provided there is a base level of strength present (Explorer category or above), any everyday athlete can work their way to Pro level following these progressions quite quickly. 

Of course, mental resilience is also a key factor.

We will share with you the best Golden exercises for Cardio Training and show you exactly how to put it all together in a workable plan.

Best. Decision. Ever.

“I’m now on the Strength Maters Coaching Program and I cannot fault a thing. My programme is addressing my weaknesses and it’s delivered in a really pragmatic, viable way that I’m wholeheartedly enjoying. Strength Matters remains a breath of fresh air in an industry that can be otherwise tainted by ego and dogma”.

~ Lydia Woodland. Mother, Aged 30+.

A Fresh & Effective Way Of Thinking.

“I’ve never felt stronger, fitter, flexible and more rounded athletically. This is the longest I’ve ever stuck with anyone elses program and I have this immense sense to see how far I can go. Real results in the real world…..”.

~ John Withinshaw. Professional, Everyday Athlete, Aged 40+.
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