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The Wall Of Strength, to us at Strength Matters, highlights a member of our community who has shown outstanding courage and strength, and feel it is only but right it goes to Mr Ashley Green. Ashley is a certified Strength Matters Instructor who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma at the beginning of the year.

Below is his story.

I won’t go into my whole cancer history (I’ll spare you). So I’ll just deal with what’s happened this year.I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma at the beginning of the year. Treatment for this is 4-8 cycles of Chemotherapy and a Stem Cell Transplant on the end. After getting over the initial shock I decided to put the treatment on hold as:

(a) I didn’t want to jump into chemo just like that, I wanted to search for a credible alternative treatment (there are none for MM)

(b) I am a business owner, and I need to secure my business and make sure it could run without me.

I started chemo at the end of May, as I felt I couldn’t wait any longer and really wanted to get it done to allow me to start my road to recovery. In June, something amazing happened. After 3 years of searching and broken down deals, we found a studio space in our area for the business. (http://www.ashleygreenfitness.com)  We accepted the offer and we were able to open our first studio at the end of August.


My treatment finished in September as I went into remission, managed to get away with only 4 cycles of chemo, which was a relief. Only now, I had to prepare myself for a Transplant. I went into hospital on the 1st November 2016 for a Stem Cell Transplant. This involves high dose chemo to kill off my stem cells and then put my healthy stem cells back. (In a nutshell, they wiped out my bone marrow and the rebuilt it.)

The average length of stay for this type of thing is 4 weeks. I was out in 13 days and broke the record for the fastest recovery. The doctors believe I reacted so well as my fitness level is high and I’ve looked after myself.

(I’m pointing this out to all our clients – training and eating well is not just for the bikini season, it’s for your life!!)

Business wise, we’ve managed to grow the business. We now have a training studio, it’s small but perfectly formed. Our group, semi-private and 1-1 programs have all grown. We have 1 full time and 1-part time trainer and are looking for another.

On a personal level, I still have lots of recovering to do my immune system will probably take a good year to get back to normal. I’ve tried to exercise as much as I could this year but no real training has taken place. My body has taken an absolute thrashing and I’ve certainly lost a lot of strength but the rebuilding process has begun with this week being lots of mobility work.

I’ve booked myself onto the SMK2 next year, as this is a great physical goal for me. It’s a long road back but I’m looking forward to the journey.


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