The Ultimate 100-1 Rep Bootcamp Workout

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Why Complete This Workout

Bootcamps are extremely effective in terms of delivering a great workout because they combine several intense exercises and string them together into one difficult circuit. The end result is a very high heart rate and a huge calorie burn. This is especially beneficial for those looking to lose weight. Bootcamps and group workouts combine the camaraderie and friendship with the huffing, puffing, and sweating, revolutionizing the concept of a hard workout.

How Often Should You Complete This Workout?

Josh here at Strength Matters has drawn up his version of ‘The Ultimate 100 – 1 Rep Bootcamp Workout’. This workout focuses on the basic exercises. Spend your time focusing on is technique. We realize that bootcamp workouts attract a certain type of clientele, those who liked to be pushed to their limits every time until failure. This Workout is designed as a challenge and should not be attempted more than a few times a year. Every 8 – 12 weeks is ample to keep them focused and accountable to reaching their fitness goals.

Numbers And Time Aren’t The Focus…

Form always comes before speed. If your form starts to break before you have completed the required number of reps please move onto the next exercise. Write down your number and try to better it next time. Why not give it a go with yourself and or your clients! If your clients are struggling through, drop their reps to the next level down. This workout can be done indoors or outdoors.

100 – 1 Rep Workout

100 Jumping Jacks in set of 25 and Shuttle Run

90 – Mountain Climbers in sets of 30 and Shuttle Run

80 – Situps in sets of 20 and Shuttle Run

70 – Split/Jump lunges – 2 sets of 35 reps and Shuttle Run

60 – Press ups – 4 sets of 15 and Shuttle Run

50 – Squats – 2 sets of 10 reps and Shuttle Run

40 – Burpees – 4 sets of 10 and Shuttle Run

30 – Russian Twists

20 – Squat Jumps

10 – Plank To Press

9 – Front Drills

8 – Squat Thrusts

7 – Donkey Kicks

6 – 25m Bear Crawl

5 – Bastardos

4 – Tuck Jumps

3 – Star Jumps

2 – 1 Minute Planks

1 – Minute High Knees

Cool down and stretch to finish

Please note: Sit-ups are regarded as a staple exercise of most Bootcamp workouts, and people genuinely love them. However, they are beginning to be removed from many Military Fitness tests as it is becoming more evident that repeated spinal flexion is not necessarily the best thing for maintaining a healthy spine. Please feel free to move sit-ups further down the order if required.
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