The Top 5 Strength Matters Podcasts of 2016

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The Strength Matters Podcast has been a great success in 2016… But, yes, it has been on a hiatus. However, fear not, there are some amazing projects in the pipeline for 2017 and the Strength Matters Podcast. But for now, here are the top 5 podcasts of 2016!

#5 Episode 103: The Step By Step McGill Method To Fix Back Pain With Dr. Stuart McGill

[bctt tweet=”“Standing on one leg you must activate the obliques, this is often a missing strength” ” username=””]

Dr. Stuart McGill, a leading professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Dr. McGill has written three books on the back, he runs a laboratory that runs all sorts of tests on spines, and he is NOT a fan of sit-ups or crunches. Dr. McGill teaches classes and sessions on the movement of the back. Doctors, therapists, and trainers from all the world attend his sessions and is considered the world’s #1 spine expert.

Click HERE to listen to this podcast.

#4 Episode 34: Whiskey & Deadlifts With Chris Duffin

This interview with Chris Duffin has to be one of the most inspiring background stories we’ve ever shared. Words cannot do it justice. Chris holds a Guinness World Record for the most weight deadlifted in one minute at 17,010 pounds (42 reps of 405lbs). He is known for his detailed coaching and ability to provide immediate gains for his athletes. This episode is extremely insightful into Chris’ life, and to reverse the damage humans have created to their bodies from lack of movement and technology!

Click HERE to listen to this podcast. 

#3 Episode 113: Busting Myths With Dr. Mike Israetel

[bctt tweet=”“I was always curious on how to get stronger, and I knew it had something to do with science” ” username=””]

Dr. Mike Israetel is a competitive powerlifter, bodybuilder, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu grappler. He has also held several world records in raw powerlifting. Mike is part of the Juggernaut training system and Renaissance Periodization. He is a speaker, trainer, author, and nutrition consultant. He understands the importance of sports performance and proper nutrition including eating sufficient carbohydrates for performance.

Click HERE to listen to this podcast.

#2 Episode 54:  The Art Of Coaching With Dan John

Dan John is no stranger to the Strength Matters Podcast. However, this episode stands out for Seb and Josh, and makes it into their top 6! World-renowned strength coach Dan John talk about the principles behind his Art of Coaching workshops and his book, Can You Go?. In this episode, Dan tells us what he means by sex drive, thrive and survive! An epic listen from start to finish!

Click HERE to listen to this podcast.

#1 Episode 118: Becoming Fit For The Task With Charlie Weingroff 

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Charlie Weingroff who is a Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Strength Conditioning Coach. Charlie is a member of the Nike Executive Performance Council and the Physical Performance Lead and Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Canadian Men’s National Basketball Team. Charlie is a physical therapist, but he doesn’t see a difference between rehabbing and creating optimum performance.As a consultant, he looks at all of the systems. He utilizes a keen evaluation to employ certain strategies. His methods are applicable to people in all aspect of fitness. That is why he is a strength coach and physical therapist.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

And there you have it, these are the top 5 Strength Matter Podcasts of 2016. Thank you to everyone who downloads and listens to the podcast. It would not be a success without your support. Stay tuned for some exciting podcasts in 2017. #alldaystrong

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