The Strength Matters Pyramid of Vitality

The Strength Matters website has recently been upgraded for a number of reasons, including the addition of myStrengthMatters, a new video-based membership site. Listen in as Josh and James explain the site, talk about the importance of fundamentals, and taking care of the basics, and explain their vitality pyramid.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Upgrading the Strength Matters website
  • My Strength Matters – the new video membership site
  • Doing the fundamentals before you do the more exciting stuff
  • Boiling things down to the simplest elements
  • The pyramid
  • Why nutrition is last
  • Breaking down health
  • The components that fall under performance
  • What to look at in the nutrition category


Strength Matters

Quotes From the Show:


“As I was creating the videos, as I was realizing, I thought, how do I make it even simpler, so even my mother could understand?”


“The foundation of the pyramid is going to be health, then we’re looking at performance, and then we’re looking at nutrition.”


“Food is a wonderful pastime. It’s fantastic, it’s great, it’s what life’s about in some respects. But it’s also one of the most complex. And controversial. And difficult to establish.”


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