The Strength Matters Hierarchy Of Athletic Development For People Over Thirty

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In today’s episode, we’re talking about the importance of having systems and structures in place to support athletic development. Having a structure in place can not only help you reach the level of development that you’re looking for, it also helps you identify the weak spots that might otherwise trip you up along the way. Listen in as we discuss the meaning of athleticism, the hierarchy of athletic development, and what the movie The Founder has to do with it.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Defining athleticism
  • The ten key components of athleticism
  • Hierarchy of athletic development
  • Mobility, stability, and balance and coordination
  • Strength and aerobic capacity
  • Power, speed, agility, and anaerobic capacity
  • Mental resilience
  • How The Founder helped James develop the hierarchy
  • How the system helps in assessing people
  • Why this system works so well
  • How consistency improves results

Quotes From the Show:

“When you hit 30, life starts happening – wife, kids, job – you can’t lead the same life you used to, for good or for bad.” –James Breese


“You create a foundation of mobility, stability, and balance and coordination, and we can then progress to level two.” –James Breese


“Health comes first, it’s non-negotiable.” –James Breese


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