The Importance of Having a Growth Mindset to Get Results

Today we are talking about getting your mind (and life) in order before beginning any training or nutrition program in the new year.  So many people make huge changes in their lives (moving, having a baby, starting a new job) and decide to tack on a new fitness program at the same time.  Sadly this rarely works out and people end up dropping out of the fitness program very quickly.

We always recommend that you clear away all the literal and figurative clutter in your life before you embark on sweeping changes in your diet or fitness plan.  Tune in to hear our recommendations for getting yourself and your attitude truly ready to begin your new path to health and fitness in 2022.

Discussion points:

  • Josh ribs James about broadcasting in his pajamas
  • James is still knocked out from his Covid booster shot
  • Media and toy discussion: Cobra Kai, The Book of Boba Fett, Baby Yoda Legos, The Witcher, and more
  • The “January rush” has already begun with lots of people contacting Strength Matters for their 2022 fitness goals
  • We need to ask people, “Are you ready? Are you willing? Are you open to change?” before we decide to work with them
  • Screening out the “fixed” or “victim” mindsets in potential clients
  • Carol Dweck’s theory of the two types of mindset: Fixed vs. Growth
  • Discussion about using meditation apps for better sleep
  • Some of the exciting things on deck from StrengthMatters and Fit Over 30 in 2022



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“What we see time and time again, every year, is that people jump into a training plan or nutrition program too fast, too soon, too quickly.” – James Breese


“You’ve got to understand and appreciate your weaknesses to be able to make change to move forward.” – James Breese


“By the middle of February, fast food [visits] overtake gym visits.” – James Breese


“We’re in the help business, we want to help people achieve their results, achieve their goals.” – James Breese


“Without [your] health, you’ve got nothing.” – Josh Kennedy


“Make sure you’re in the know about [our] “Inner Circle,” because that’s where the real private groups are coming up, and we’ll share some cool sh**.” – James Breese


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