The Importance of Delayed Gratification for Fitness Success

There are so many young, genetically blessed, 20-something social media stars selling you a quick-fix fitness solution – 6-minute abs, a 21-day juice cleanse, a 5-day diet, etc.  Unfortunately, long-term health and fitness solutions are not “sexy” and you need to start planning your future health while you’re still in your 30s.

You don’t want to end up in your 50s, 60s, and 70s with poor health, unable to enjoy the life you’ve planned and built for yourself.  Join us for a discussion about taking small steps every day that will build to a result you are going to want in the future.

Just like saving little by little for retirement, your health and fitness should be worked on a little bit every day, with basics like enough walk, water, and sleep to keep you healthy for years to come.  That won’t happen overnight, so working toward a delayed gratification of your plans is the way to plot your health, fitness, and training path.

Discussion points:

  • Josh ribs James about his “kettlebell fever prescription” mug
  • James reports that the new Matrix movie is “not horrendous,” and gives it a 7 out of 10
  • The “Fit Over 30 Method” book is in progress
  • Dangerous and uninformed behaviors that we have done (and lots of young people do) in sports and fitness in our teens and 20s
  • The aggravation we feel when seeing young influencers marketing quick fix fitness on social media
  • The marshmallow experiment and later research showing those who waited instead of eating the marshmallow were often more successful later in life
  • How people become disillusioned over time, experiencing “fitness failure” again and again
  • Start thinking long-term with your health and fitness
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“I come with a performance mindset.” – James Breese


“One of the biggest secrets for long-term health – it’s not sexy.” – James Breese


“The world we live in today is “instant” [everthing.] – Josh Kennedy


“Most people are disillusioned, they’re burnt out because they get promised the world all the time and they’re delivered nothing.” – James Breese


“They keep doing this hamster wheel of death – fitness death.” – James Breese


“You’ve got to start thinking long-term, not short-term fixes.” – Josh Kennedy


“Deep, dark, and meaningful [episdode] today!” – James Breese

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