The Impact of Being More Sedentary on Body Composition

Josh and James are back with a new episode and this week they look at a study that was released around the impact of being more sedentary (thanks to ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns)  on athletes’  body composition. They touch on the impact these changes may have on our health and how you can go about counteracting these effects.

The outcome of the study, once again, highlights the importance of lifestyle above all else when it comes to weight loss and overall health.

Discussion points:

  • Introduce the Study being reviewed.
  • Impact of being more sedentary on body fat percentage
  • James shares his personal experience of this impact
  • Dealing with feeling demotivated in lockdown
  • Programming walks into your routine
  • My Strength Matters Educational Video



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Sedentary behaviours and their relationship with body composition of athletes (Study Referenced)



“It’s not the workouts or the diet that we want to start with because it’s the other stuff that leads into the dieting and the actual training that we need to get right first because it has a significant impact on your weightloss.” – James Breese


So you almost need to add a programmed walk into your training to make sure you go and do it. So people out there, do your workout but program for yourself a 20 minute to 30 minute walk.- James Breese


“Just get out and walk more. Drink more water, move more.” – James Breese

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