The Effect That Emotion Can Have On Pain

The brain plays an important role in health and fitness. The brain has a lot of power over the rest of the body and understanding how the brain works can help when it comes to relieving pain and treating injuries or illnesses. Today’s guest is an expert on the importance of understanding the brain and neurology.

David Fleming is the creator and co-founder of the Applied Movement Neurology (AMN) Academy. David holds a BSc in holistic health sciences and is pursuing an MSc AND Ph.D. in integrative medicine with quantum physics. David also holds a variety of certifications including strength and conditioning, functional biomechanics, and functional neurology. Listen to the episode to hear what David is doing at ANM Academy, what effects emotion can have on the brain, and how modern technology is influencing health.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How David got into his current field
  • David’s experience with health problems
  • What applied movement neurology means
  • What David is doing at ANM Academy
  • Some of the assessments that they use at ANM Academy
  • The effect that emotion can have on pain or perception of pain
  • David’s favorite part of the brain
  • Tips for the cerebellum
  • How spatial summation can be used to reduce tendon pain and increase strength
  • The piezoelectric effect
  • The influence that modern technology has on people
  • Quick tips for improving insomnia symptoms
  • Success stories from David’s practitioners

Links and Resources:

David Fleming

ANM Academy


“I started realizing that everyone you work with as a trainer is broken in some way, and I wanted to be able to help that.”

“Emotion and the psyche, in the hierarchical sense, are at the absolute top of the totem pole, the number one things which impact and influence our biology. It’s just an inescapable fact.”

“Try and train your body to the natural rhythms under which we’ve evolved.”

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