Dr. Eric Cobb

The Connection Between Pain and Your Brain w/Dr. Eric Cobb

Josh and James speak with Dr. Eric Cobb, founder of Z-Health Performance Solutions. Over the last 25 years, Dr. Cobb has developed a therapeutic system that breaks down and simplifies access to the complex neurological functions and effects of the brain’s pain signals. By employing his simple techniques of Functional Applied Neuroscience, therapists, coaches, general practitioners, sports trainers, and “movement professionals” can put these practical, useful tools directly into practice with their patients and clients. Dr. Cobb’s methods can dramatically reduce pain and improve performance for almost anybody.

Discussion points:

  • Introduction – Dr. Cobb, his training and education
  • How to maintain health and fitness by improving your neurological systems
  • Modifying behavior by finding engaging fitness options
  • Why physical dysfunction begins so young
  • Visual fatigue and vision issues after laser eye surgery
  • The visual skill ‘categories’ such as resolution, contrast sensitivity
  • Visual retraining with behavioral and neuro-optometrists
  • TBI patients and visual dysfunction
  • Vestibular and balance work – where do you start?
  • Pain neurology – medical professionals vs. movement professionals
  • Emergent theories of how pain actually works
  • The brain’s day to day threat predictions, fear, pain, and stress
  • The visual, vestibular, and proprioception hierarchy
  • Eye drills – improving pain and movement
  • How do you get skeptics on board? You need show and tell
  • Our brain’s primitive “survival function” vs. optimization of performance
  • Threat signal pain vs. actual injury pain
  • Training protocols – understanding the brain’s function in rehab and exercises
  • Keeping movement professionals up to date on new approaches
  • Discussion of the different parts of the brain, brain stem, and their functions
  • Cobb demonstrates the “pencil pushup” eye exercise
  • Visual dysfunction/convergence problems affecting reading/computer work and creating fatigue
  • Our eyes and limitations of glasses/contacts
  • Where can the average person go to find out more? 


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“The primary reason people give up sports and movement is pain…In any three-month period, 58% of people will complain of pain, and that’s usually headache, back pain, shoulder pain…” – Dr. Eric Cobb


“I learned a long time ago—don’t over explain, and don’t teach people neurology…basically just ‘show me what’s wrong, do this exercise, repeat’…” – Dr. Eric Cobb


“Most healthcare professionals blame the patient when they don’t get well…they blame the client for not doing the work.” – Dr. Eric Cobb


“My goal has always been to have coaches and professionals that are capable of helping 100% of the people that they run into.” – Dr. Eric Cobb

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