The Carnivore Diet: What I Learned From Only Eating Meat

There are all kinds of different diets out there. Many of them encourage you to limit things like fat and carbs and often suggest that you eat more vegetables. More surprising is a diet that eliminates vegetables entirely. In this episode, you’ll be introduced to that unusual all-meat diet.

Today’s guest is Steve Kiely of Be Strong Training. This wide-ranging interview covers everything from Steve’s health and fitness background, his training philosophies, and his love of competition. Listen to the episode to hear Steve talk about being falsely accused of steroid use, recovering from a serious back injury, and of course, the all-meat diet: what it consists of, how it takes, and how it affects the body.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How Steve got into the health and fitness industry
  • How Steve dealt with accusations of steroid use
  • Steve’s back injury and how he recovered from it
  • Where Steve thinks his love of competition came from
  • Steve’s philosophy in training and work at Be Strong Training
  • What types of clients use Be Strong Training
  • Steve’s competition in CrossFit and kettlebell
  • Why Steve follows an all-meat diet
  • The keto diet
  • How Steve’s diet affects digestion
  • Why Steve doesn’t use supplements
  • What a typical day’s meals look like for Steve
  • How Steve seasons his food
  • How Steve’s family’s diet differs from his
  • Steve’s bodybuilding training
  • What an ordinary week’s training looks like for Steve
  • Advice for people who are interested in bodybuilding

Links and Resources:

Steve Kiely

Be Strong Training


“There were no vegetables, it was just steak and eggs twice a day and then eat whatever you wanted one day a week. And that got me the leanest I’d ever been in a very long time.”

“I think that’s one of the key things people find with ketosis, is you don’t get any energy slumps during the day.”

“You’re definitely not going to miss out on anything, you just need to eat more than you think you need to and you’ll be very very surprised at some of the changes.”

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