The Bodyweight Training Secrets Of A Competitive Gymnast

You don’t have to be a top athlete to find the benefits in professional training. Ordinary, everyday people can benefit from learning how to improve your mobility, practice mindfulness, and find an exercise progression strategy that works for you.

Today’s guest is Ryan Hurst from GMB Fitness. Ryan has multiple black belts and is a former competitive gymnast who loves yoga and has years of experience in strength and movement coaching. Ryan is certified in multiple systems and has a philosophy of training for a healthy life. Listen to today’s interview to hear what Ryan has to say about how to come back after an injury, what training looks like at GMB Fitness, and what it really means to “embrace the suck”.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Ryan’s background in gymnastics
  • What GMB is all about
  • Coming back to training after an injury
  • Ryan’s experience with martial arts
  • What is taught at GMB
  • Training techniques and strategies used at GMB
  • The fundamental exercises for regular people
  • Exercise progressions in relation to bodyweight movements
  • What Ryan means by “embrace the suck”
  • How people can apply mindfulness to their training
  • Tips for hip mobility
  • Solutions for shoulder pain
  • Major challenges Ryan has faced in his career, and how he overcame them.

Links and Resources:

Ryan Hurst

GMB Fitness


“It’s not about me going out and competing and choking people out anymore.”

“Play is our exploration. We’re always going to play at a regressed level of our highest level.”

“Sometimes it’s not just going from ABC. It’s a matter of just trying things and exploring, and just doing a lot of it.”

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