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Today’s podcast is with a living legend, the first man to deadlift over 1000 pounds, Andy Bolton. Andy is a strength coach and a powerlifter with numerous titles. He did hold the squat record of 1,214 pounds and the British bench press record of 755 pounds. He is a deadlift master and was the first to lift over 1000 pounds and the only man do it twice. Andy lives in Leeds in the English county of Yorkshire.

When Andy was young he was a sprinter. When he was 17 he got into powerlifting. He tried a bit of strong man stuff, but that wasn’t really for him. When it came to powerlifting, he set record after record after record. He won his first competition at 19 years old. He was strong and was only getting stronger. At first, he had a couple of stumbles in competition until he started holding back a bit and lifting the heaviest during competition. He trained and lifted for so long that it would have been devastating for him if he wasn’t the first man to lift over 1000.

Today’s topics include:

  • Overtraining and training to heavy can impede progress during competition
  • Holding back is the way to go
  • Andy did many 440 kilo deadlifts so he knew he was strong
  • He dreamt about lifting 1000 pounds and never failed once in his head
  • He visualized and talked like he had already done it
  • He was so confident that he would succeed, he was deadlifting 1000 he wasn’t wasting his grip on anything
  • He did squats and benches, then made the 1000 pound deadlift
  • The grip was challenging, then that night in the shower it dawned on Andy what he had actually done and lifted over 1000 and set the world record
  • Andy competed in America a lot, so he was well known in the states
  • After the 1000, things changed and he was also well known in his home country of England
  • There’s only a few people that can show what’s possible, but once it is done the door is open because it has been shown what is possible
  • Grip strength and lifting with and without straps
  • To maintain your grip the pull needs to be controlled, if you go too fast your hands go
  • The difference between a powerlifter deadlift and a strongman deadlift
  • Hold the bar where your calluses are to stop it from rolling and put your thumb over your fingers to lock them in place
  • Keeping the bar lower can help to hit those big numbers
  • The longer the arms the better the deadlift, keep arms straight in and straight down
  • With a deadlift it is all in your head, belief has a lot to do with it
  • 2 years ago Andy wasn’t feeling well and his doctor told him to lose weight and clean up his diet
  • He had high creatinine levels and his kidneys weren’t functioning well
  • He had high blood pressure and diet was the problem
  • He had kidney failure and went on dialysis
  • His kidney function came back and he was able to come off of dialysis, but he is on the kidney transplant list
  • The doctor said he had to lose weight to be on the transplant list, so now he weighs substantially less
  • He would like to weigh more, but he is keeping his weight down and his diet and blood pressure under control
  • His training is currently on pause while he works on his health
  • Andy is now doing strongman training, instead of competitive power lifting, while his weight is lower
  • Keeping his eye on his diet and training less heavy, he actually doesn’t need as much food
  • He has cheat meals as long as he keeps them within his calorie limit
  • Andy’s mother is donating a kidney and he should have a transplant within a couple of months
  • After which, he is coming back to powerlifting
  • Don’t be in a rush to get strong, learn good technique and cycle your training

Links and resources:

Andy Bolton
Andy Bolton World Record Deadlift
Andy Bolton facebook
Twitter @AndyBolton1008
Ross Edgley


“I’m doing some strongman training three times a week and really enjoying it” Andy Bolton

“When I started, I had terrible form and technique, but I was just so strong” Andy Bolton

“I pulled 335 on the first competition that I ever did” Andy Bolton

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