The Strength Matters functional strength system
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Strength Training 101: How to lose weight, get stronger and live better
(without Crazy Diets) and following a proven strength training system for people over 30...
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meet your instructor

James Breese

Before setting up Strength Matters, James was a member of the Metropolitan Police Force in London. After 10 years of service, James decided to pursue his passion and travel the world working with everyday athletes and coaches, to try and change the lives of a billion people.
Secrets You Need To Know
There are 3 secrets for people over thirty who want to lose weight, get stronger and live better...
Secret #1 - you're not following a proven strength training system...
Secret #2 - You need to know the three facets of strength and in which order to train them...
secret #3 - you don't have a proven strength training framework...
'Life is now pain free, and that is a big statement!!'
Geni Ligday
'For the first time, I am learning how to build and maintain a foundation that will support me for my lifetime.'
Terry Moore
'Joining Strength Matters... Best decision ever!'
Lydia Woodland
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