Strength Matters Magazine: January 2016

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January 2016

Kettlebell Snatchs: The Persisten Question
Kenneth Jay shares his most recent thoughts on the viking warrior conditioning protocol.

The 50 – 80 Zone: Part One by Dave Whitley.
There is a magical place where gains live. It is not geographical, but rather mathematical. It’s the 50 – 80 zone.

Setting Goals, One Small Step At A Time with Dan John 

Rock Box Power with Perry Nickelston


We’re willing to bet that once you’ve delved into Strength Matters, you’ll discover a world of fitness like no other.

Whether it’s strength training, nutrition, looking for new gear and gadgets or reading the most eye-popping, inspirational stories from the world of strength and fitness, we take pride in offering you all this and more in the only magazine dedicated to the truth behind health & fitness.


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