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What Are People Saying About Strength Matters?

Hear it from real everyday athletes like yourself.

  • "What a weekend! Strength Matters course complete! Only just realising how much i've learnt. Great course content provided by Phil & James. The continuum is already changing the way I train. Well done to all my fellow certified instructors. It was awesome!"

    Tom Hill
    Tom Hill Fitness Professional
  • "I've just returned from the Strength Matters event at Unique Results and I'm astounded by the amount of actionable and applicable information which will benefit all coaches/PT's and their everyday athletes (hint, that probably includes you). The product of Phil McDougall's physical mastery and experience and James Breese's tech wizardry, experience and industry insight has gifted us in the industry and our clients with this invaluable programme. If you haven't heard of it yet, you're missing out!"

    Lydia Murdoch
    Lydia Murdoch Fitness Professional

Discover The Strength Matters Training System.

Real. Simple. Results.

The Strength Matters system of training is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that have helped thousands of everyday athletes and coaches achieve exactly what they want from their health and fitness goals. By mastering this simple way of operating, ambitious everyday athletes systematically and permanently improve their fitness goals while maximising overall health and longevity.

Get A Grip On Your Health & Fitness Career.

Schedule a free 60-minute meeting with a Strength Matters Professional to learn how your health & fitness plan can benefit from the Strength Matters System.

Please know, this is NOT a high-pressure sales pitch. It’s just the simplest, best way for you to connect with a Strength Matters expert for a detailed overview of the system, the tools, and the process.

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