Stop Training Like the Elite!

Have you ever tried a training program from a magazine promising that you’ll be looking like the elite athlete or actor on the cover in a few months? These articles make it sound easy… but what they often fail to mention is that these athletes and actors, not only, get paid to look and perform a certain way but have also been honing their craft of doing so for many years!

In this episode, Josh and James chat about the concerns around everyday athletes (especially those over 30) trying out elite fitness plans in the hopes of seeing amazing results (but then risking injury).


Talking points:

  • Fitness is a long term commitment to being healthy
  • Why you Should not follow elite athletes and actors’ training programs
  • Getting paid to train is NOT a reality for most people
  • Athletes have many years of experience and fitness behind them
  • The Iceberg Illusion
  • The reality of training like an elite athlete
  • What to do instead of “training like the elite”
  • Healing injuries over 30
  • Get the basics right first (walk, water, sleep)
  • Be honest about your ability vs elite-level ability


“When you get paid to train, it’s amazing, but that is NOT reality – it’s not most people’s lives” – Josh Kennedy


“They have teams of professionals around them to help them get this way.” – James Breese


“These programs are designed to sell, to lure you in to give you an idea of what it looks like but it’s missing the bigger overall picture” – James Breese


“Over thirty, we’re no longer elite athletes, and if you were an elite athlete, you’re then transitioning to what we call everyday athletes, and you gotta change the way you think about things. It’s now health for the long haul, its health towards 80 and beyond.” -James Breese


“Make sure you’re drinking your water, eating well and sleeping well – cause that’s going to aid your recovery.” – Josh Kennedy



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