Speed, Power and Plyometrics for People Over 30

If you watch fitness marketing videos closely, you’ll see that they have lots of things in common. They all show people sweating profusely, working hard, and they tend to be sprinting or jumping up and down off big boxes. This is how the media machine tells us we should be working out – because it’s sexy, it’s cool, and it gives us the impression that we can train like an elite athlete or even become one. I get it, don’t worry, I want to become one too! Those videos also lure me in, so don’t feel bad.

The reality is this couldn’t be further from the truth. The vast majority of everyday athletes over thirty are not ready to perform those types of circus tricks – well, not yet anyway. Powerful, explosive movements and plyometrics absolutely have a place in someone’s training plan, but at the right time and the right place in their athletic journey. Implementing this type of work too soon will only lead to issues that will leave you frustrated, fed up, and even further away from their original training goals.

You see, most people over thirty are deconditioned as a result of modern society. They lack the prerequisite mobility, stability, and balance to move properly, and most are not strong enough physically or aerobically to even attempt these advanced athletic feats. Yet, look around the world right now; go to any big commercial gym and you’ll see people of all shapes, sizes, and ages doing box jumps, hurdle hops, and weighted jump squats.

In this episode, we want to set the record straight on plyometrics and share with you how we approach speed, explosive power, and plyometric work with everyday athletes over 30.



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