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Today, our guest is Theresa Larson who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the Founder of Movement Rx, a company that provides personalized movement performance. Movement Rx specializes in helping athletes, crossfitters, and everyone else with individualized wellness and movement performance programs. Theresa is no stranger to athletic performance as she was a semi professional softball player, an award-winning fitness competition contestant, and a crossfit athlete.

She was also a Lieutenant in the Marines and led a platoon deployed in Iraq. She has also struggled with eating disorders and is the author of Warrior: A Memoir. Theresa grew up in Seattle in a log cabin and her dad was a lumberjack. She played softball in college and then joined the Marines. Her family was very patriotic, so this seemed like a natural step. She struggled with an eating disorder and eventually left the Marine Corp, became a Physical Therapist, and wrote her Warrior memoir.

Today’s topics include:

  • Theresa loved working out, and being a strength coach and Physical Therapist made sense for her
  • She is also into crossfit and runs bootcamps and lives in San Diego with her husband
  • Her usual customers are people who want to return to sport after injuries, and she also works with wounded warriors
  • Adaptive athlete work and the wounded working games
  • In College, Theresa came in second in the Body for Life Competition
  • She then joined the Marines, growing up with her dad and brothers, she was always competitive and into fitness
  • When she lost her mom, when she was 10, she threw herself into sports and school
  • When Theresa joined the Marines, she had a college degree, so she was able to be an officer and an engineer
  • Being a female in the Marines, she did feel like she had to prove herself
  • In the military, men and women have different standards, you have to be strong
  • In special ops, the standards for men and women are the same
  • Theresa voluntarily had to remove herself from the military because of her eating disorder
  • Addictions are coping mechanisms
  • She looked fit and healthy, but on the inside she was beating herself up, no one knew she was struggling with an eating disorder
  • Being in charge of 54 to 150 Marines, struggling with the eating disorder was a problem and it got worse in more stressful situations, she knew she wasn’t at 100%
  • It wasn’t OK to lead and be responsible if she wasn’t at 100%, so she made the right decision and had to leave the military to work on her own issues
  • Finding the right practitioner to deal with her bulimia was a challenge especially within the military system
  • Starting her own business and working with adaptive athletes was very empowering for Theresa
  • The focus of Movement Rx is to empower people to help themselves
  • With things like motor control drills and breathing techniques
  • People learn a lot about movement technique to help themselves and learn how to move better
  • The Low Back Fix is one of her programs, this area holds tension and gets injured first, free ebook for strength and movement for rehab
  • Fear and shame hold us back, know that if you push aside the fear, you will develop more courage, there is no reason for shame, you can get help and grow, you never know where that growth will take you

Links and resources:

Warrior: A Memoir

Movement Rx

Body for Life

The Low Back Fix


“It was all about achievement growing up, and joining the Marine Corp was just kind of a normal step for me” Theresa Larson

“In the Marine Corp as an Engineer we would blow stuff up and then rebuild stuff” Theresa Larson

“I’m still really good at building things, just now I build the human body” Theresa Larson

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