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Today our guest is David Dellanave, the Owner of The Movement Minneapolis. In a previous episode we featured his wife Movement Coach Jen Sinkler. Today we get to hear from the other half of the team. The Movement Minneapolis is the first and only gym in the world to use Gym Movement Protocol in their training. With this protocol, they use biofeedback to determine what works best for a body from moment to moment.

David is really passionate about strength training. He started many years ago on the Dragon Door Forums. He just got more and more passionate about fitness and opened a gym. Getting strong is not only beneficial it is super fun. They also have one of the biggest power lifting teams in the state.

Today’s topics include:

  • David is a lover of the bent press and the Jefferson deadlift
  • Whether it’s possible for old time strong men to be stronger than today’s strong men
  • Why should someone do the bent press
  • If you have an injury you are going to compensate for it in different ways, perfect form should be a best practice
  • The bent press and the Jefferson are asymmetrical and they allow for us to find where we are the strongest instead of adhering to a strict practice
  • If you can’t bent press a weight that is one more than your regular press you are just pressing
  • Deadlifting can cause pain for some people, the Jefferson and Sumo are way less painful
  • There is no strict way of doing this, it’s the best alignment for each person, if the heel is coming up the foot is too far behind, so slide it forward and it makes the alignment better, to a full bilateral relatively symmetric lift
  • David is also the world record holder of the Jefferson Deadlift
  • Biofeedback is using objective feedback to make decisions going forward
  • When you are over a certain threshold you need to slow down, when you are at a lower threshold you pick up the pace
  • They use range of motion biofeedback test to determine which exercise is the best
  • Don’t force it stop when you feel tension restricting your range of motion
  • When your range of motion gets better, then all of a sudden gets worse, that is when you get hurt
  • Keep testing to check your range of motion, if it gets worse take some weight off, it’s the movement plus the load
  • Range of motion is global, everything you do affects range of motion
  • David would love for people to be dogma free and listen to their bodies

Links and resources:

The Movement Minneapolis

The Dragon Door Forums

Dinnie Stones

David Delanave  Twitter

David Delanave Facebook


“Strength has applications in the real world” David Dellanave

“I firmly believe that more of our lifting should be asymmetrical” David Dellanave

“With the Jefferson deadlift, you get a ton of transverse plane and axial rotation with it, and I think that is super important ” David Dellanave

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