SMP 94: Becoming The Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder

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Today’s guest is Stan Efferding, the world’s strongest bodybuilder. Stan’s nickname is “Rhino” and Stan says, “A Rhino determines what he is going after and then he charges until he kills it or it runs away”. He is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder and World Record Holding Powerlifter. He is one of only 10 men to total over 2300 pounds raw in competition.

Stan has been training athletes for over 25 years. He studied Exercise Science at the University of Oregon. He also conducts seminars for sports and nutrition and training techniques. He is a writer, speaker, and trainer. He has written for Muscular Development, Flex Magazine and Power Magazine. He is also a successful entrepreneur who has built three different start-ups into multi-million dollar companies. Enjoy our interview with Stan!

Today’s topics include:

  • Stan started out as a skinny kid who wanted to put size on
  • He started lifting weights and fell in love with the sport
  • Stan was able to rehab his hip from using kettlebells
  • Swings, squats, one legged hamstring work, with kettlebells
  • Restricted movements from weight work can create imbalances, the kettlebell workout helped to open things up
  • Now people look to a lot of things to solve problems, that don’t seem to be priorities, diets, training programs, etc.
  • People spend time focusing on what is not important, what worked for us was consistency – getting to the gym, eating every meal, and sleeping
  • The other thing was intensity – we moved a lot of weight
  • Skipping sleep is like stepping over 100 dollar bills to pick up nickels
  • Eating and sleeping are so important
  • Sleep, eat and train. The training breaks down muscle tissue the food and sleep builds it
  • Performance sports require a ton of food and fuel is required
  • Guys who travel for competitions who don’t have the proper food get smashed, food is important
  • Balancing powerlifting and bodybuilding, body building complements powerlifting
  • The recovery from powerlifting is improved by the bodybuilding workouts
  • Restricting too many calories is bad, Stan learned from Flex Wheeler that putting on muscle requires fuel, they let the workload drive the process, that burned the calories, then you can eat a lot of food and put on muscle, this trains your metabolism
  • Our bodies utilize different calories efficiently, utilizing calories and getting in a lot of food builds muscle and there is still a calorie deficit if the workload is heavy
  • Not eating a variety or enough food created deficiencies, eat meat, cholesterol is a key component to strength
  • Stan may not eat much in a meal, but he ate frequent meals up to 8 a day
  • Men’s physique competitions – it’s great people have an opportunity to pursue looking great and being healthy, these have diminished the difficulty to get an IFBB pro card.
  • Posing in bodybuilding doesn’t carry the same weight that it used to, there are mandatory poses and that is what Stan focuses on
  • Performance enhancing drugs in bodybuilding, insulin and growth hormone
  • Body builders are now bigger and eat an enormous amount of food, you have to pile on a ton of calories to fuel workouts with all of that muscle
  • Muscle doesn’t maintain itself, it demands 5000 calories of food, the body is a machine that demands that kind of fuel
  • Get the nutrition and sleep right

Links and resources:

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We just love to challenge ourselves and push our bodies to the limitsStan Efferding

Form follows function, if your function is to lift heavy weights you become a powerlifter, your body follows, workflow drives the processStan Efferding

The best exercise is the one that you will do consistency is key if you don’t enjoy it you’re not going to do itStan Efferding

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