SMP 93: A Lifetime Of Unconventional Strength Part 2

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This is part 2 of our interview with strongman Bud Jeffries. We enjoyed the conversation so much that we ran over the time allotted and decided to break the interview up into two parts. Bud is a strength coach and a strongman who has unconventional training methods. He values mindset and pushing the physical, emotional, and spiritual limits of the mind and body. He almost died twice in his life and has been told twice that he would never be able to walk. Yet, he not only was able to walk, he has accomplished more physical feats of strength than most people in the world.

Today’s topics include:

  • Strongest man was a mythical title, it depends on strongest at what
  • The strongest men of all time: Arthur Saxon and Eugen Sandow
  • Training for what you can do instead of how you look is better for the mind
  • Walking around the yard carrying 200 pound stones
  • The no hands and no feet sled crawl pulling a truck
  • How much fun it would be training and playing at Bud’s farm
  • One of the first things you lose when you get older is balance
  • We have so many abilities we are not using
  • Tries things out and you will discover there are gaps in your armor
  • Heavy element, endurance element, short intense and much longer
  • ½ hour on the heavy bag wearing a 100 pound vest
  • Training only 1 way all the time you are not developing other qualities
  • Bud wants to see what is possible with what he can do
  • You can do these things if you put the formula together right away
  • There is a tipping point for each ability
  • Intelligent well thought out focused work
  • 5 squats, presses, pulls and rows once a week
  • Be progressive and add weight every week
  • Walking backwards on a balance beam carrying a 200 lb stone
  • These things are possible if you learn the basics
  • The basics give you abilities that you didn’t have
  • People are so scared of getting any kind of injury that they won’t even try anything
  • History of physical culture – one thing that is a new innovation – battle ropes
  • There are still new concepts, combinations and ways to do things
  • Training barefoot in a backyard
  • Bud wants it to be more than a controlled environment, hard workouts that are outside and hot or cold
  • Train yourself so that you are strong in every possible way
  • Training with so many variables will give you the ability to workout wherever you are at
  • Stop limiting yourself
  • Stop believing that you are not enough
  • You do have it, but you have to do the work to get it done
  • Don’t shy away from the tough moments
  • Get your life together, live limitless, but don’t sacrifice the world
  • You can have a real life and be amazing if you just do the right things
  • Everyone needs to do some kind of squat, press and pull
  • Cardio and muscular endurance
  • Get natural foods for proper nutrition
  • Get your mindset right – Build a step at a time

Links and resources:

An Unconventional Life

Bud Jeffries Facebook

Bud Jeffries YouTube

Bud Jeffries Instagram

Bud Jeffries Twitter


“The level of information we had access to a hundred years ago is less than one percent of what we have access to now, but the quality was so much higher” Bud Jeffries

“Develop a good looking physique that can also do the things that you want to do” Bud Jeffries

“If you look a little deeper at what I do, there is a reasoned out mindset” Bud Jeffries

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