SMP 92: A Lifetime Of Unconventional Strength Part 1

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Today we have an incredible guest, Bud Jeffries. He is a very large guy who can do the splits and balance on a balance beam. This is part 1 of the Bud Jeffries Interview. Bud is a strength coach and a strongman. He is a world record holder, an author, and a trainer. He likes calling himself a strongman because it is the broadest definition possible in the strength world.

When she was expecting, Bud’s mother was exposed to measles. His heart stopped when he was born. Doctors thought he would never be able to walk, but he was able to. When Bud was five he chased a puppy into the street and was hit by a van. He was in a body cast for 3-4 months. He started dragging himself around on the carpet, and it set him up to build muscle. He had to learn to walk and completely start over. Then his mom put him in martial arts and it peaked his interest in becoming strong.

Today’s topics include:

  • He eventually went on to play American football, which led to lifting weights, which led to power lifting
  • He worked out at a competitive power lifting gym and started competing
  • He broke his shoulder playing football and the entire course of his life was different
  • Once his shoulder healed, he could still do strength work
  • He did competitive power lifting and competitive strongman contests
  • He started speaking
  • He even tried being involved in underground no-holds barred fighting
  • With fighting, he learned how important endurance is
  • Strength is not only maximum muscle capacity, it’s also maximum endurance capacity
  • He even tried Scottish games and the caber toss
  • Then he got into kettlebell lifting
  • It was also a dream of his to squat 1000 pounds, It took him 16 years to accomplish this
  • In the physical world you need a base, before you jump off into trying new things
  • Bud started exploring what was possible and lost 100 pounds by doing kettlebell swings in sets of 1000
  • Then he started exploring endurance challenges
  • There is so much to play with and it is so much simpler than we make it
  • The best lifters in the world are constantly adjusting their form
  • Bud likes to focus on movement culture and flexibility and yoga stuff
  • Bud is obsessed with challenging himself, because that is where personal growth comes from
  • Bud has some unconventional strength techniques like dragging things while lying on the ground
  • Developing a mindset that totally smashes the limits
  • Using the physical ability is the best way to train the mind and spirit
  • There is always a depth beyond just working out, he is trying to see what is possible
  • Being huge can be an addictive thing
  • Having a mindset where you can really drive yourself to the outer edge of what is possible

Links and resources:

An Unconventional Life

Bud Jeffries Facebook

Bud Jeffries YouTube

Bud Jeffries Instagram

Bud Jeffries Twitter


“Nobody can tell you what you can and can’t do” Bud Jeffries

“Everybody that says you can’t, just makes fuel for the fire for you to do what you are meant to do” Bud Jeffries

“One of the darkest moments I can remember set me up to be the man I am today” Bud Jeffries

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