SMP 91: Less Effort, More Power with Karsten Jensen

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Today we are talking with Karsten Jensen, a Strength and Conditioning Coach based in Ontario, Canada. Karsten is the Founder of Yes to Strength which is a training and coaching website with programs that focus on the flexible periodization method. Karsten has an MSc. in Exercise Physiology and is a Certified Personal Trainer. He has been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for over 20 years and has trained elite athletes in varied sports. He is a founder, coach, lecturer, and author. He specializes in FPM and is the author of The Flexible Periodization Method.

Karsten began playing soccer. He started as a bad athlete. He played tennis, but his poor athletic conditioning sparked an interest in strength conditioning. He eventually became a trainer, and decided to focus on individualized periodization methods. This is where the coach and trainer fit the system to the athlete. The periodization concept is similar to categorization or division into periods. Taking a longer training period and dividing it into different shorter periods. It is a strategy for organizing long term training, divided into shorter periods, with different goals and structures. Enjoy the interview!

Today’s topics include:

  • Periodization can apply to any program, because when you change the program that is periodization, it is how you apply it
  • Key aspect of creating training programs is a series of decisions, to be good, you have to be aware of the basis the decisions are made on
  • Linear Periodization – Low intensity High volume – as time goes by intensity gets higher and volume gets lower
  • Non-linear Periodization – More of an all over the place strategy, a little bit high or a little bit low
  • Linear is good for beginners, because they don’t need a lot of variation at the beginning
  • Nonlinear offers better recovery with the different variations
  • The models of linear and nonlinear can also be changed up, this can spark progress – principle of accommodation
  • There are other periodization periods including conjugated periodization, block periodization, and reverse linear periodization
  • The flexible periodization method is distinguished from the other systems because any method can be used for flexible training and maximum results
  • Combining goals and assessments, Karsten creates a specialized program for each individual based on needs analysis and goals
  • With strength and conditioning, you may want to access the power you already have and explore the potential of your mind and the mental aspects
  • The less effort the more power, accelerate and relax for punching
  • The importance of the mental aspect of training and feeling powerful before you can be powerful
  • Take responsibility for your beliefs and your progress
  • If you are willing to learn no one can stop you, if you are not no one can help you

Links and resources:

Yes To Strength

Karsten Jensen facebook

The Flexible Periodization Method

Karsten Jensen YouTube

The Work of Byron Katie


“Adjust the program, but keep the focus on the main goal” Karsten Jensen

“Spontaneity and intuition are extremely important that’s how I got into strength coaching in the first place.” Karsten Jensen

“There is a lot of art form to what you feel is right” Karsten Jensen

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