SMP 90: Fundamental Movement & Finding Balance

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Today we are speaking with a living legend, Steve Cotter. Steve is a two time all American Kosho Martial Arts Champion and was named one of the fittest men of all time by Men’s Health Magazine. He is the creator and director of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF). He is a world renowned trainer and has been featured in leading fitness magazines and blogs. He also is the guy behind Steve Cotter’s Kettlebell University, and the creator of several instructional DVDs.

Steve has gone around the world and shared his experience and has taught people how to move better. Kettlebells are a big part of what he has done, but he is really about teaching movement and the things that drive movement like breathing and posture. He created IKFF in 2008, as an opportunity to share his ideas on how to develop kettlebell instructors. He does certification seminars all around the world. He is also a husband and father. Enjoy the interview!

Today’s topics include:

  • Unconventional workouts such as using the mace, kettlebell dragon twists, and fitness as play
  • IKFF is not about kettlebell sport they are about fitness and health and taking care of your body. The kettlebell is a tool that they use
  • Steve connected with Pavel Tsatsouline early on and was invited to be one of his assistants
  • Steve also saw that there were opportunities to learn other facets of kettlebells
  • Pavel is the godfather of kettlebells, he and his partner put them on the map in the US
  • Valery Fedorenko was the first person who taught concepts of kettlebell sport outside of Russia
  • As a student of movement, Steve wanted to learn what he could
  • Steve is more interested in knowledge and learning instead of defending his position as an expert
  • As a teacher, Steve feels he has a responsibility to continue to refine his knowledge
  • Breathing, posture, fundamental movement and finding balance are universal principles from one person to another
  • Kettlebells were never designed to be a one rep max, the progression is based on repetition because it is a fixed weight
  • Martial Arts gave Steve a platform before kettlebells were well known
  • After 200 reps with a kettlebell, you own that weight and can move up
  • Compression shorts – for safety, so thumbs don’t get caught during high rep workouts
  • Steve has done a lot of Chi Gong and has a passion for internal training
  • He moved away and focused on the physical, but now he has moved back to focusing on the internal training
  • Training for the inside as well as training for the outside
  • Yin and Yang represent balance – light & dark, heat & cool, you don’t want the fire to get too hot
  • If there is a lot of heat, you may benefit from bringing in more cool – balance and stress reduction
  • Being healthy and vital and having useful strength to fight, run and survive is important
  • Mixing kettlebell styles can make sense, go heavy, go hard, go light, go medium, and make a great conditioning mix
  • Hardstyle versus GS kettlebell training – Go with what you know. Err on the side of caution, don’t do too much too soon
  • Be happy, remember why we fell in love with the kettlebell, it makes you feel good, alive and powerful, helping other people and making ourselves better

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“I have taught kettlebells around the world in more countries than anyone on the planet” Steve Cotter

“I love people and relate well with most people” Steve Cotter

“If you’re a kettlebell teacher, you owe it to yourself and your students to study every aspect of it” Steve Cotter

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