SMP 89: Training & Tradition With Rik Brown

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Today’s interview is with a wonderful gentleman, Rik Brown, Mr. Maceman himself. Rik  will be talking to us about unconventional training methods using mace, clubs and kettlebells. He created The Illustrated Guide to Mace Training and the Kettlebell Basics DVD with Rik Brown. Rik is a kettlebell and mace expert. He specializes in the strength side of training and offers training for older unconventional lifters and warriors. He writes for the Onnit Academy. He teaches mace and club swinging certification, and he is the owner of Liberty Strength Training. Rik is doing his best to introduce mace club swinging to America and the world.

Rik is a lifelong trainer who started out as a wannabe bodybuilder. He is now a grandfather of nine. When he discovered unconventional training, he knew it was for him. He then moved on to heavy clubs and the mace. Rik gives all of his maces female names, the same way BB King named his guitar Lucille. He names his maces because he has an attraction to his maces. It also personalizes them and gives them personality. A mace can be controlled to do good or bad. In today’s interview we learn more about Rik and his relationship with the mace and mace workouts.

Today’s topics include:

  • The two ways you experience resistance with a mace is with load or torque. Load is determined by how heavy the ball is or the total weight of the mace. Torque is determined by how long the handle is.
  • You can’t see the subtlety at first, but in time the distinctions starts to stand out
  • You will feel a mace workout in your wrist, elbow and shoulder, so Rik recommends stretching and safety precautions at first
  • A mace is a round weight at the end of a stick. Because it is a distance from your body, it doesn’t have to be very heavy
  • This is a different flavor of strength training
  • A steel mace is easier to master than a water filled mace
  • The mace can be used instead of a sledgehammer or in a sledgehammer workout
  • There are dozens of varieties of mace workouts and exercises
  • Rik loves the mace because it’s fun, and he is excited to see the new exercises people come up with
  • Moving the mace around your head is great for the shoulders. If you can do 100 reps of any of the moves, it actually feels like a massage
  • Mace workouts are great for wrestlers. The Indian wrestler The “Great” Gama used the gada as part of his workout routine.
  • Off center and off balance weights are perfect for wrestling and throwing somebody
  • With workouts the kettlebell is the cake and the mace is the icing
  • You will reap benefits with the mace that kettlebells won’t give you
  • Unconventional training is fashionable right now, but in Eastern countries these are everyday occurrences
  • Start slow with as light a weight as you can get away with. Don’t add weight until you can do 100 reps safely. Sneak up on heavy weights slowly in the jungle of weight lifting. The heavy weights will always be there

Links and resources:

The Illustrated Guide to Mace Training

Kettlebell Basics DVD with Rik Brown

Onnit Academy

Liberty Strength Training

Rik Brown facebook

Instagram @MrMaceman


The gada and mace are different in the same way that a rugby football and an American football are different” Rik Brown

“The mace is going to do what it’s going to do. In the guiding and the directing is where you receive the benefit.” Rik Brown

“Experiment with torque and load, and you will find that there is a certain length and weight that feels best” Rik Brown

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