SMP 88: Minimalism & The Chronicals Of Strength

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Today’s guest is Pat Flynn who is a coach, author, and fitness minimalist. As a fitness minimalist, Pat believes that any exercise will improve if you leave out the things that shouldn’t be there. He is the founder of The Chronicles of Strength and the chief contributor to the Chronicles of Strength Inner Circle newsletter which helps subscribers meet their goals through fitness minimalism. He is also the author of Paleo Workouts for Dummies and Fast Diets for Dummies.

Pat is the guy who shows you how to do the least amount that you need to do to meet your goals. Pat grew up unhealthy and out of shape. He started lifting weights and taking up martial arts in high school. He then got really into it and wanted to do as much of it as possible. He did every program that he could, often at the same time, while training in martial arts. He started getting injured and burnt himself out. Then, he started studying under some very smart coaches and realized he needed to take a smarter approach to his training. He also discovered kettlebells and the minimalist training style.

Today’s topics include:

  • Minimalism doesn’t mean doing very little. It means doing the minimal effective dose. If you only have to do X even if X is a lot of stuff, you don’t also have to do Y.
  • If you want to be generally fit, start with low level movement like walking. Then have some weight training maybe 2-5 days a week. Then the intense stuff. The metabolic conditioning maybe 1-3 times a week.
  • Kettlebells are good for swings and metabolic conditioning and some strength training
  • What are the best tools to reach your goals and are those tools practical and accessible
  • Pat also has a kettle bell workout of the week on YouTube called KWOWs
  • The minimalism workout is great for very busy people
  • The best use for a kettlebell are complexes and swings for someone who wants to lose weight
  • For fat loss frequency and intensity are very important, volume should also be considered
  • A program with a good metabolic effect is crossfit
  • What is the right amount of dosage of intensity and frequency for that individual person
  • Pat has a newsletter and his writing is very entertaining, he throws in a lot of great fitness advice but writes with humor
  • His advice for other writers is to write for yourself
  • As a business person, it is brand equity to respond to people who contact you
  • Pat is on a lot of online platforms, but he uses these mediums to get eyes on his content and advertise his newsletter so he can engage with people further
  • Relationships and keeping them going is huge for businesses, taking the time to respond to an audience is a huge part of building trust
  • Every once in awhile it’s great to push yourself with a super hard workout
  • Evaluate your current program through the lens of minimalism and decide if what you are doing is effective and efficient

Links and resources:

Chronicles of Strength

Pat’s Newsletter

Pat on YouTube

Pat on Facebook

Paleo Workouts for Dummies

Fast Diets for Dummies


“Almost any training program will improve in direct ratio to the number of things you can leave out of it that shouldn’t be there.” Pat Flynn

“How does anybody get to where they are? It’s typically by doing the opposite and then realizing that it wasn’t such a smart approach.” Pat Flynn

“I’m the guy who can help you get more with less.” Pat Flynn

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