SMP 87: A Journey Towards “Ridiculous” Strength

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Today’s interview is with a wonderful friend of ours; a guy who has the morals and values of a true gent, who speaks to us about his journey, where he comes from, and why he does what he does. Levi Markwardt lives in Spirit Lake, Iowa where he manages the Athletic Republic Gym. He is a kettlebell master and teaches Russian Kettlebell Certification RKC. He also works with youth and helps inspire others to get healthy and overcome obstacles like food addiction.

Levi works with high school and junior high kids with faster and more efficient movement and fixing any running flaws. With adults, he has personal training sessions. Levi grew up with his biological parents and several foster siblings. Some of his foster siblings came from a rough background and their attitudes created stress for Levi growing up. To self medicate, Levi turned to food for comfort. He got to a point where he was sneaking and hiding food and he was gaining weight. Sports in high school and college are what helped Levi lose the weight.

Today’s topics include:

  • After college, Levi became a personal trainer and he has been one for 16 years
  • Changing physically doesn’t change you mentally
  • If you don’t address the root cause of what is causing something, you can’t address it
  • Levi gained 60 pounds in college, and he knew he needed to address his eating issues
  • Levi has a weakness for cookies, but he tries to be mindful with his eating and serving sizes
  • To beat his food addiction, Levi had a personal journey and took a good hard look at himself
  • He also joined a support group through his church which allowed him to know that he is not alone
  • Physically, Levi likes to be challenged. He recently tried the viking warrior workout
  • Levi loves kettlebells and loves to use the big bells for swings, cleans and snatches and high rep workouts
  • He did the SMK swing test at 48kg
  • Using correct form is the best way to build strength and learn to lift properly
  • Not building the proper foundation is asking for trouble
  • As trainers, we need to to a better job of making sure our clients are trusting us and moving in the proper direction

Links and resources:

Levi Markwardt facebook

Levi Markwardt instagram

Athletic Republic Gym

Levi Markwardt YouTube

Viking Warrior Podcast Episode


“Addiction is something a lot of people struggle with. In my view it’s just self medication” Levi Markwardt

“Addiction is just trying to make yourself feel better and taking something in excess” Levi Markwardt

“I don’t think people are being real honest about food being a way to self medicate” Levi Markwardt

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